2-Face Idibia

It’s official – Nigerian Idibia tonight made music history by becoming the first artist to win the Best African Act award at the 2005 Music Awards in Lisbon. The award was created in 2005 to mark the addition of MTV base, MTV’s pan-African TV channel, to the MTV global television family

2-FACE won the top prize at the glittering ceremony from the Atlantic Pavilion, Lisbon, despite intense competition from fellow contenders 02 (Angola), Zamajobe (South Africa), Kleptomaniax (Kenya) and Kaysha (DRC). 2-FACE received his award from MTV VJs Tim Cash (MTV UK & Ireland) and (MTV France).
Angolan nominees 02 attended the Awards in Lisbon alongside 2-FACE (), Zamajobe (South Africa) and Kaysha (DRC) who rubbed shoulders on the red carpet with the biggest and best in the music industry including soulful Senegalese newcomer Akon, multi-million selling Brit quartet Coldplay, electrifying band, Foo Fighters, animated four piece Gorillaz with De La Soul, politically-charged US punkers Green Day, legendary music icon Madonna, irrepressible music showman Robbie Williams, sassy pop act Pussycat Dolls, American superstar Shakira, uncompromising rock quad System Of A Down and pop-funk music collective The Black Eyed Peas.
Among the presenters at the star-studded awards were Jermaine Dupri, Nelly Furtado, Nono Gomes and a host of presenters from the worlds of film, music and sport including electro vixen Alison Goldfrapp, pop/rock siren Anastacia, dazzling movie star Brittany Murphy (Sin City, 8 Mile), UK R&B sensation, Craig David, Mexican movie star Diego Luna, Latin film idol Gael Garcia Bernal (Motorcycle Diaries, The King), Hollywood actor and rock musician Jared Leto (Requiem For A Dream, Lord Of War), singer-songwriter-pianist John Legend, Portuguese hero Luis Figo, ragga master Sean Paul, dancehall king Shaggy, feisty pop trio Sugababes and Russian pop act t.A.T.u. The Awards were hosted by the fictional ‘Borat Sagdiyev’ character from the comedic arsenal created by Sacha Baron Cohen (better known as Ali G).

  • Dayo

    Good day everybady,as for me o,i thougth 2 face waked,but now that he came out with the set of forinstance,i now love the guy.But forget o,stylplus are better than him anyday anytime.I want everyone to know that.Anyone who wants to accuge can call me on this number 08029287397.Am ready for anybody.Even mode nine.Am ready for him.

  • kaha

    Fire Burn D’Wicked my brova. I’v got your back Big Time.
    Keep on rocking……..!

  • Saeed Ameti-Yekple Kwashie,from accra ghana,+233242509362


  • Osagie

    2 Face, u are just a wonder to our Generation. I love u so much. I want to be ur brother but is not possible again. I just love every thing about u. Ur sisters are just a copy of beauty. Pls tell them I love them. You are the best and I wish u all the best in what ever u do in life. I live to see u win more and more. Africa No 1 U are for live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tu_care

    Hi tuface,whats’up i wish you are cool.am quite happy for you and your family for making african to be proud of you so keep on you’ll still make more. God bless you

  • alain traore

    2 face!I’m glad for U.First time i’ve listened your song african queen,my soul was set free.anytime i sing that and people think that I’m becoming fool.Continue to sing like this.U know U’re the one that makes me float like a boat upon a nile.
    I love U so much….
    my number is 05672840 please call me or send me a message.
    I speak few english

  • adaobi

    hello 2face its me adaobi 4rm awka.long time no see man.anyway im happy 4 u.

  • Attah Okpanachi

    Tuface IdibiaTuface Idibia

  • Friday mokwunye

    I love ole. its makes me to feel my girl.

  • Ehis Ayeni

    2 Baba,
    You 2 much, your music 2 bam, your voice 2 set and your dress 2 dey. I beg I wan give you 2 gboosaa for you effort because every thing about you, musically is 2 perfect. That is why your name na 2 face because all about you 2 correct. I can rap to just in case you need me, my number na 08038226135. I live in Benin City.

  • Kayode adedeji (AUSTRALIA)

    Make e no dey say Nothin dey happen again o. Because pple want something to happen and that is why them break in neck finish come give him award. So,some thing dey happen my bratha. One love.

  • Ama

    I loved 2 Face’s song African Queen the moment I heard it and I still love it to this day. He has a beautiful voice and seems very genuine. I only wish he was fron Ghana so he could bring the glory home but all the same he represents Africans everywhere, especially with his good English.

  • cynthia

    hi,im really so proud of you and my country.i was born in staten island in new york so im not use to nigerian stuff but my parent especially my mom likes to buy me nigerian musics and movies,but i’ve never appreciated it untill my birthday when my friend saw the song and asked me to play it.i heard it for the first time and i was so proud of you baby,you are the best.nice to receive from you.

  • young trey

    I just want to say you are the best.
    keepon doing what you do.
    AS a local Liberian artist in the US/Minnesota I will love to make music with you just to make my dreams come true.
    This Is
    from Harrison Doe
    A.K.A. Young Trey
    I am hooping you will read this and get in conteck with me at [Harrisontdoe2005@yahoo.com]

  • Niphemy

    Hey! notin dey happen.Well done man,u really deserve it.Notin dey pa,anythin wey pa na wetin?na winch!!!The sky is ur limit!Keep on d good work and as 4 those who dont like his progress and are sending armed robbers to him,,,may God finish ur lives.Dats all I`m gonna say and I`m outta here!!!PEACE OUT!

  • michelle

    the african queen could be heard mostly daily aroud every corner in seychelles. People just luuuvv that song. i’m not an exception. but most of all it brings joy to my heart when i listen to all your songs as you keeps the prestige of your roots alive. u not shy to sing about your country or the african beauty where u came from. here in seychelles we also form part of the african roots. and its not everyday that we heard someone talk proudly of it. keep it up.May d Almighty bless always so as to produce such good music.

  • Miss Shofoluwe Aminat

    hi tu face idibia
    hi whatz up am aminat frm alakuko just wanna say hi to you, i love your music keep it up i pray that you make it in live know matter the obstacles.
    wanna hear frm you soon
    love you.

  • prisca

    hi, 2 face your the best and your so cool keep it up u have put africa and nigeria on the map thanks so much!!!!

  • yinka

    well done two face but we need to talk you be niaja boy na

  • prisca

    Oh————-man dat song/lyrics was so kool———baay keep on heating it and u may win more !!!!!!!!! god bless u man

  • Lillian

    I think 2Face deserve the award and for making Africa proud thru his music, i say kudos to him and he should keep the good work moving.
    Kindly let 2Face know that Jesus would like him to use his precious talent for him i.e. been a gospel as the world and heaven is waiting to hear him say HE IS BORN AGAIN FOR JESUS, AND TO PROCLAIM HIS RIGHTOUSNESS THRU HIS SONG.
    Bless you 2FACE.

  • prisca

    have u got ma messege

  • prisca

    thnks so much for dat some . l remember da day when l watched dat movie were u sung that song it was so cool

  • josiah mgbechi

    hi tuface,
    i enjoy ur music, i like ur style keep up the good work, i just want to inform u that i have 3R&B songs & 1afro hip hop which i would want u to buy.get back to me asap.i love u tuface.

  • ademola abey

    Tu face is my guy and i really love him so much. the best in africa
    that’s him

  • florence otudeo

    2 face is heavy the best most original artist i have heard in a long time, its about time he gets recognized, really deserves it. and he is over buffffffffff, love you 2face keep on rocking, baby my fav song is ole such a tune its on my ipod i had to go to nigeria to buy the cd they need to relese it properlly in the UK and US i am suprised one of these big companys arn’t representing him, i don’t think that good stay with kennis music they are your roots, keep making those tunes, god bless never stop

  • Olaide Olaitan

    2FACE, I’m really proud of you as you make NIGERIA proud. I was shock with tears of joy over my face when I opened Monique’s (from The Parkers) new movie website called “Phat Girlz” with your “AFRICAN QUEEN” song playing to my ears over and over again. For the fact she mentioned your name as one of our great artists makes me proud to be an African Nubia and a Nigerian.
    I am sure you have done your parent proud.
    God bless you and I pray that He will continue to enrich you.

  • oluwatoni

    first off i love 2face he makes me very happy to be a Nigerian…..i think he deserves this award more than anyone else i also think he should become my HUSBAND…. but for now i wish u all the best….. i love you and god bless you baby i pray to see u again soon…. p.s keep reppin for our people baby and dont 4get to show us mad love when u get bigger….we all love u…….. one love

  • laetitia

    ohh 2 face your song made me feel more beautiful than people says,and you know how to make african gurl happy by your song i lve u

  • seun

    Tubaba notin dey happen any how sha dis is just d begining by d time grammys comes ur way they will be surprised.
    notin dey happen.
    african queen i love u

  • wendy

    i think he really worked hard and he was devoted to his work so he really deserves it
    yes ooooooooooooo ……….

  • Arlette

    though am not a nigerian but i guest i have an ear to differentiate bw good and bad music and i must confess that you are great.
    i will like u to make your country proud of u and let Cameroonian know that you are a Nigerian cos they believe ur an american.
    if i say i dont love you, then am nothing but a lier.
    what i love in you is not your voice, nor your words but i rather love your look.
    keep it up, dont try to immitate other

  • Mustapha From Fadeyi-Lagos

    Big up Tu-Baba,
    I just want to say dat u deserves the MTV Europe Awards so don’t listening to what people say about u negatively becos they will destract ur mission and vision. As u already said SOMETIMES YOU MIGHT WRONG AND SOMETIMES YOU MIGHT RIGHT, AND U KEEP UR HEAD STRAIGHT AND AND KEEP UR GAME TIGHT, COS WETIN U DEY SEE NA THE FUTURE WEY DEY BRIGHT.
    So my guy my prayer for you is to move more higher, that means you are going now for GRAMMY by God Grace. becos u’ve made us proud.

  • arlette

    man all i can say is 2 faces you disever it man you work reall hard for it. sometime i wish that i can meant you but too bad i can’t because i am all the way in american but always know that i love you my african prices bye

  • chuks

    no long thing my guy.u too much, u run things things no run you.

  • ticien

    t’es plus que R-KELLY

  • mzigwa

    I am proud of U, keep it up!

  • clinton akose

    i luv ass and every thing about it ..
    one luv

  • christian okonkwo

    tu baba is great and i know he is a genius.


    i luv 2 face, he has really made nigerians proud.more grease to ur elbows.

  • toby lampard

    Men,tu face is the real guy to have this achivment.he is a real guy.
    How i wish i can meet him and talk to him.

  • guy

    oh my gosh the album is a jackpot, another jump off, keep it coming bro. am feeling you

  • Onjefu Amali

    2face is blessed. He has made we the Idomas and Nigerians praud. I’m so happy for him. Keep it up bro.

  • Morgan

    I love African Queen. Im glad we have a few good men left in this world that care about women like they should.
    Luv Ya, Mor-Mor

  • olamide

    hi 2face,
    u ave rally make us nigerians abroad and at home proud of being a nigerian. u ave really made us great with umusic, carry go, nothing dey happen
    u are d best
    keeping working hard to make our country big
    togther we stand apart we fall
    u are really a blessing 2 d nigerian music industry
    u are d african king
    u are always gonna be d best
    may u not fall
    all ur enemies shall fall
    and u will be d best

  • marie

    when i first heard this song i feel so…..
    i think you are the best thing that ever happen to africans
    it is a beautiful song i want to know what inspire you
    for those who live out of africa it makes us beleve in our beauty`

  • Onyi

    Hey, I’m living in the US and I thought I would let you know, 2 face, your music is big here among the people of Naija. I really like Ole, African Queen and nfana ibaga. Keep doing big things. You’re really quite good and I look forward to your next big hits.
    you dey fine shaa. no shakin, no shakin.

  • usa zimbabwean

    AFRICAN QUEEN song of peace on a terrible day to a lonely heart,way to go brother.it makes me proud to be an african girl

  • patience abalo

    yo u need to come to philly sometime and so all the africans can see u out here ok and then maybe u can see how the people out here look.ok peace libchick0114life~

  • nkwain milton

    i think 2face has done more that some european stars the song african queen breaks my heart and makes me drive for more i wish he should continue in that same spirit
    2face chop for your saby
    nkwain milton

  • Kgee Brown

    i luv my guy v’ve made us proud in africa and in the world as well i luv u just keep up we are going somewhere.one luv 4 real

  • Jeff okeke

    2 Face, u are just a wonder to our Generation. I love u so much. I want to be ur brother but is not possible again. I just love every thing about u. Ur sisters are just a copy of beauty. Pls tell them I love them. You are the best and I wish u all the best in what ever u do in life. I live to see u win more and more. Africa No 1 U are for live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • din

    O boy,2 baba no good.He is not the best.As 4 me,stylplus is the best in the whole of africa.

  • njoh

    say man u are the best.
    2 face u need to come over
    here in cameroon and see your
    fans ,we luv ya……….

  • feeljimmy

    hey son this is ur man feeljimi i feel u son men i like ur albums son men u no what i,m say son i,m at ur back homie all day mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..

  • Onyeka Nwelue

    I believe the world should learn something from him. At the least, not all Naija guys are Yahoo! Boys.
    India should be aware of that.

  • kaiyo

    one of the best songs i’ve heard since i got into music. props to the man..2 FACE! REPRESENT! your song is a big big hit back here in the island of Palau! peace!

  • CoolDigest

    Big ups!!!

  • tracy jones

    i am very happy to be a nigeria, 2 face i am proud of u

  • African queen

    he totally deserveed it more than anyone else!!

  • toll

    i think it was great that he won i mean the song “african queen” is just to good to be true cant stop listening to it! he is totallly the bomb !!!!!! such a good voicceeeee go on dude you are bigg

  • Emmanuel

    i love 2face music as a person.i do sing is songs for my girls

  • Marshita

    2 Face ja man rocki’ la charts wit da african queen song. jah man you da bomb. i liked da song in phat girlz movie man. you keep on jammin’ like da bob marley man and you will be big on’ day. keep it real my main man.
    Marshita ( i am a guy) nickname

  • Brain

    The first time that i heard the african queen infact my soul had to die.Right now that i am mailing ,i am hearing the music from outside.The whole place in Cameroon in is 2face.Many people like Akon but i am dieng for these guy.I want that he should come and make a concert in Cameroon.My number is +2377219610 or call +2376375297.
    Or mail dopgimab@yahoo.com.

  • CHRISTIAN Samuel Okoroafor

    He really deserved to crown for that; having listen most if not all of his tract and albums, he sings moltivationally.
    I would have been disappointed if he the award elude him. But because star never hids, he was awarded.
    Infact, I’m almost following in love each time to listen to his music. He is one of the musician to behold.
    My regards

  • seun adeyemi

    notin dey happen

  • Sidiku Olayinka R. Oscar

    Tu face you are too much in the two faces of the world i.e

  • Lily

    2 face, je ne sais pas si tu comprends le fran?ßais mais je ne sais pas comment te dire combien tu rends vraiment hommmage et dignit?© ?† l’Afrique et surtout ?† la femme africaine. Toutes les femmes africaines te disent : We love you soooo much and God bless you !!!

  • Joshua

    In fact I’m happy to be a Nigerian because of you. Actually I’m pleased by your performance which led you to won the Best African Act Award at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. Pls keep rocking and keep forwarding ahead to achieve more goals for yourself and for our Country as a whole. I LOVE YOU GOD LOVES YOU MOST… JOE

  • Faridah

    This is the greatest song about the African women Beauty..and i appreciate him..he is the bomb!!

  • Tatjana

    U MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO HAWAII!!! just to let you know… we listen to African Queen allllll the time here. gettin some SERIOUS air time. its my fav. song.. and thats saying quite a lot. ive gotten people in california listenin to it now too =D told em to look u up… they love it. ur makin it big. and- ur awesome. i adore ur music. As a matter of fact.. Hawaii adores you period.

  • regina

    oh my gosh wen i was watchin d mtv europe music awards i was so suprised wen dey called 2face name for d african act.but nottin dey happen i no we will definately make history we are gettin dere!!!!!congratulations 2face kip makin us smile.we got your back man always…………



  • phatbinxs

    you rock man,phatbinxs

  • phatbinxs

    dey say anything wey pa na witch,2face nutin dey pa cause nutin dey happen.Man i saw you rock last summer at the WESTEND,dat wa like woo man.2 FACE U ROCK!!!.
    Phatbinxs london.2006

  • daba jagne

    2face u realy r da bes. wen wil u com 2 da gambia people realy luv u n ur music here plz com………………….luv ya………….peace………………………

  • Pislok

    Just keep on being creative nd …sky is the limit, congrats!
    Isaac Pislok

  • minissa

    je t?®m 2 tt mon ceur ?© jesp?®r ke tu vivra lonten pou ?©gay?© m?® journ?©

  • Dr Whales a.k.a Ade

    One Love Bro. Looking forward to a colabo on my Album. We will win again next year by God’s Grace

  • Plange

    2, man na u be the man. oboy, i vote u over a million times. sote dey block my ip.anyway good luck. plange am out

  • Odiong

    Naija people, strive to equal or match this dude.
    He’s been a trail blazer. I appreciate what he’s gone and done with our music!!!

  • Chibuike Martin Agina

    I am Inspired by your music and i feel yaa, just that i have not been oportuned to see ya face, to know whether your face really dey 2

  • frank osamede osahon

    i most say u are good keep it up.

  • darlington

    my name is sapelle from nigeria 2 face i love your style my music is still on studio coming soon from kennis music my website address http://www.sapelle.tk

  • vic

    i love it

  • islamiat arowosaye

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tuface don’t let dis award get into ur head and moreso plzzzz keep it up tuface,don’t say u r d only talented musician jus keep EVERYTHING IN D HANDS OF GOD and i know GOD will help uuuuuuuuuu

  • afrique adewumi

    i want u babi

  • dammy- Jblack

    2face—– what else can a man say U ARE THE B.E.S.T, pleaseeeeeeeeeee keep it up… i love u man, and really would love to meet u one on one

  • orhie gabriel emajire

    tuface u hv made us proud.thunmbs up 4 u o,nothin dey happen.yes ooo.one love

  • damilola

    i am tu face best fan, He might not know me but i always want to be like him.Even though i am now in Nottingham i will always take him as a role model

  • EvansVokeJohnson

    Meeeeeen…………Nothing dey hap. who dey yearn say naijan songs no kool,make him go ask tuface wetin dey .My tuface na the biggest Danwara but e make things happen so….Nothing Dey Happen.Thumbs Up Tufcace.

  • OLAJIDE a.k.a JYDE

    hi Tuface,whaaoooooooo i’m so much proud of you.Truly you have making nigerians proud,and this is a sign of seriousness for other talented artist all over the world.Keep it up,two baba no lele,hehe Yes oo.It’s me jyde your main man.


    he deserves it!

  • muyiwa

    Tuface don’t let this award get into ur head.ok. suit tight because am comin very soon.ok.ur song self no sweet.i hear say u stole the lyrics of plantashun boyz.TUFACE na true

  • igbogirl

    U make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh, Who could think of anything better than u, u said it…nobody men nobody, am so proud of u sweety and am in love with u, no really i am.:)

  • Afro Angel

    Tuface, will you marry me?

  • taiwo

    he’s CUTE,he’s GOOD and most of all he’s TALENTED!!!
    man ure BLESSED.

  • marie

    hiyaa every one i think 2face is sooooooooooooooooo talented we all wish him well is hot 2 so thats a plas. 2 face u deserve every thing that u acheved
    we luv u bac in caridiff
    keep doin ur thing keeep making us africans prud
    we luv yaaaaaaaaa

  • Mac-Anderson Francis

    Thumbs up mate,you totally deserves all these awards and more,at the end of every dark tunnell there sure is light,your in the spot light now make the best of it…Nutting dey happen

  • Sam Sebakwiye

    I don’t have the right wordsto express my attitude when i saw one of your songs “African Queen” you are the real ambassadors of Africa to the world out, please keep it up, and more let me know how i can get your other good presentation, i will be grateful to get them. The music is nice and sang by the beauties of Africa!!!



  • leeanne and remi

    2 face i would like to say well done to you, hope to see you again in the future good luck you have been blessed. x x x x x

  • laura

    well done lad you deserved it dat song african queen song is a gud one good lookin the future

  • loretta dupe

    2face u always make my day when i listen to ur music kee rocking. i want to actually thank God for u cos is on ur side.keep it up.

  • Bobga Fritz

    congratulations 2face.we can feel ur music everywhere in camroon.I can personally confess that each time I listen to ur music,my emotions are purged.Thank u for making us proud of our continent.

  • mimi

    we actually give thx to God,i swear you’ve actually made it and i will like to say that you should just keep it on,cos i am sure u will make it.i wish i can see you or receive your message cos i am actually dieing to see you
    love ya
    i hope i am your african queen for life.
    lots of love and kisses.

  • frank

    guy you realy a made star and i am happy for you, keep this goin all we are with you always.

  • alice odeh

    toutle monde aime toi parce-que ton travail c’est tr?®s super. une chose encore j’aime ton musique.c’est manifique.

  • alice odeh

    all d african queen’s on da intrnet say NOTHING DEY HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alice odeh

    ?† quelle jour tu veux chante encore? quand tu veux chante encore m’appelle moi et je peux vien tout de suite. et je peux donne toi mon num?©ro ici en suisse.m’appelle moi quand tu veux.

  • alice odeh

    i have always hated my state,but with 2face there infact i am the happiest person in benue.

  • alice odeh

    GO,GO,GO 2face it’s ur birthday.no realy when is ur birthday?

  • alice odeh

    my people here in switzerland,says you should turn on d myuzic nd drop it like it’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vik2or

    yes oooooh catch the vibes and get the feeling omo nothing dey happen. les Fran?ßais dirent Rien de s’passe. Vous etes Super!!!!!

  • camille ade

    i love u so much i listen 2 ur song every day

  • camille ade

    keep it ril 2 face u are d best inthere where ever u are rigfht now just say this 2 ur self dat am d best
    camille 4fm london

  • camille

    ilove 2 face idibia from when he’s in platation boyz group till when they spit up and it’s so nice for him winning d best african act because i think he’s d only nigeria teenage musician dat have nice voice asin male and i definetely think he deserve 2 win cos i’ve never hear any other african act expect from him alone in england and am very proud dat am from Nigeria and am proud of him as well and i pray people should not stop listening 2 his song cos they are so nice and some of his song make u think twice b4 u act my advice 4 u is dat just keep it up and dont listen 2 d bad thing people as got 2 say about u just make sure u do wat’s best 4 ur self.

  • Nekybabe

    ooooooooooooooooooooooyea 2face ur soooooooooooooo good infact i luv ur songs especailly african queen and keep on rockin. i need ur email if u can send it to me.
    nekybabe 4rm canada.

  • james

    tu face what about babasco your friend who thought you how to sing back in the days?u don forget am?

  • Tobi

    Gosh, I am so proud to be a Nigerian men, Thumbs up boi…U r ma African King…lol…Also seen the preview of your latest movie with Monique “Phat Girls”, men, that is the bomb and they are also playing “African Queen”..Gosh, that is the height..Kudos to u big tyme…

  • Luvet

    yes oo…
    u’ve made everyone proud..
    ..also proved ur hard work.
    ..ur the king…!!!!
    ..nothin de happen..!!!!!!!!

  • Hon Junior paul

    i love u



  • joana kwapong

    i like 2face very much cause he is really nice guy . i heard ur song from ghana and it was really je je. abi u catch.just keep on singing 2face watin de happen
    luv joan

  • lola bamgbose

    hey tu face u worth it we watched it here in
    new zealand we are expecting more 4rm u ie next
    abulm soonest.newzealand

  • minna ahiakwo

    i like tuface,he is really a nice stuff for nigerian’s music and i like his two albums nfana ibaga and african queen,pls tuface i would like u to send me his email address and his phone number to my email above.
    princess kitana ( p.k.)





  • emma

    tuface u re d bomb.

  • Beatriz

    Na wa ooooooooh! bless u my broda, we r so so so proud of u, u r our african king! we love your lyrics, you really give a meaning to hip hop, keep on improving, learning and fighting.
    There is a lot to do in this world and people like u give us strengh to carry on.
    Desde Espa?±a we wish you buena suerte!!!!!! Good luck baby!!!!!!
    Beatriz y Maria

  • ogophils

    When i first listened to the CD “Face 2 Face” i prayed God for the ALBUM not to end….cos it was hot ‘n’ interesting…….do u know what? i start my day with “nfana ibaga” ……..do my lunch with.”right here”…..recreate with “keep on rocking”….rest with “ole”….. do my dinner with “thank u lord”…….and sleep with “AFRICAN QUEEN”…..lol !tuface is HOT..

  • Shanickay-Lydia

    i was like wow the first time i heard this song!
    You know this is just lovely my friend showed it to me when i went to her for the holidays in belgium!
    Her boyfriend sang it for her on the phone when they weret toghether but he wanted her back.
    but i ts realy cool when i came back Germany to schol i was singing this song the whole day
    any my friends bacame fed up with it
    My gush u re so cool just keep on going 2 face my baby
    bye lydia shanickay…

  • Raphael Baako


  • ferdinand chuks

    my guy notin dey happen rock on i dey ur side ehm notin do u.

  • adex

    2face, Thanks for making Naija proud, you are the best. i wish you sucess in ur what you lay ur hands on
    keep on rocking
    Adex 4rm Naija

  • george

    what was the name of the song
    he won the award?

  • michael

    like u as a friend.

  • lil’nik

    hey sup 2 face i’m really proud of u man u realll represent i swear

  • friday

    watz up

  • Al

    2face is just that nigga. he,s puttin us back on the map.

  • oyewola ahou sekinatu

    hello i love 2face’s music n 2face he’s the past present n future star gret 4 the lord

  • ekedegwa apeh

    here lies the craddle
    the very dust that tamed your INNOCENT FACE
    the chord that tied you to IDIBIA..
    where it all began, your humble beginning
    we at OTUKPO
    we are proud of you.
    Biuld a Wall of people around you.
    …there are some talented kids still waitting for you out there…
    AT OTUKPO, where it all began.

  • ekedegwa apeh

    here lies the craddle
    the very dust that tamed your innocent face
    the chord that tied you to IDIBIA..
    where it all began, your humble beginning
    we at OTUKPO
    we are proud of you.
    Biuld a Wall of people around you.
    there are some talented kids still waitting for you out there…
    AT OTUKPO, ehere it all began.

  • igoche

    just see,you can almost see the pure silvery lyrics thaw out like the okokoro river sending her life to the inhabitants of otukpo…
    what more can i say?

  • Mbuvi

    I am a gospel musician from Kenya. I really think 2face is awesome and inspirational. He doesnt just sing, you feel what he is saying in his music. Keep going bro and God Bless.

  • Fatou Kinneh Fofana

    yeah i 4got something………
    are u ever coming to the Gambia…………
    cuz people love u there……
    i love ur movies tooooo…….
    peace out…….

  • meekeywise

    Hey all my niggaz my girl and all my people out there ….this is meekeywise from nigeria talking about 2face ..well his trying but he should and be making plans to shoot another album very soon coz is African queen is going down …hallo @ me men…meekeywise

  • Bimbola

    Hey 2face,
    I just listened to the woman’s version of African Queen….It is jus the best
    When will it be released so I can go buy it…..Yesss o’

  • abiodun

    naija 4 life!
    I am really happy 4 the great impact 2 face finally made in world of music….and this is just the beginning of naija music.
    Watch out 4 Deecool family too cuz we are about the take over 4 naija muzik.

  • tiwa

    YESOW!!!!NOTIN DEY ‘APUN!!!!!!i rilli think tuface deserved 2 win that award.he has workd so hard 2 get 2 wer he iz 2day.watz mor, he has bin representin’ us 9jas ova der!!!!KEEP ON ROKIN!!!!!!!


    yes, i love it and iam happy and proud to hear this, and i wish all our African artits should force and do the same thing, and bring honour to AFRICA.
    i like all your styles, 2FACE,and i realy love your new track with BENNIE MAN AND RIGGIE ROCKSTONE,i dont know that, my Africans too can ragga like that.
    i love it.
    from samuel, LOME,BE-KPOTA.

  • Anu Ogunmola

    tuface u be d man, *no lilly* we too dey gbadun you too much for my end.just help me still dey sing that cool music to all my africa queen.o se baba.
    For where….NOTHING DEY HAPPEN.

  • walle salaam

    i love innocent ujah idibia more than my gfriend

  • Patience

    I love U’r Music: African Queen!

  • Fatou Kinneh Fofana

    O my god…………..
    tuface is simply wonderful….
    you are africa’s pride……..
    congratulations on your award…..
    am very proud of u baby…….
    am blowing ya a kiss…………
    o n one more thing i have a tuface tatoo on my arm…….
    n i love it…………..
    keep it real man………

  • anthony

    yo…. its tony in the house, just to drop a livin message that you are 4real. you rock, n i got loads of love 2 ofa ya. off to this west cost costumes. you rock.

  • chinonso

    i be niger guy, but i day 4 poland.2face i day miss ur music so much. abeg make you cary one of ur music titled ny african qeen do x-mass 4 me. if you go do-am 4 me, writhe me back make i give you my address.

  • Tolani

    2 face i am proud of you, because you became one of the best act in nigeria. keep it up i also love your music, may God almight be with you and your family. u are too much, i love you so much.
    No shaking. omo ko si iberu.
    From london

  • Gbemileke

    You make every Nigerians so proud and am proud to be a nigerian as well “keep on rockin” 2face Idibia. Na your time…..

  • lasisi Afeez O

    2face,u are too much.the sky is the beginning.keep it up.notin dey shake us

  • Davis

    men ure absolutely blessed and talented.thank u so much for gettin that stuff to africa.big up guy

  • Stephen Chidi

    Yes o o o 2face na our guy. He deserve the award because as the talk say nothing dey happen, me I just believe say nothing dey happen for the award cos God has already given it to him Yes o o o my people na so o o

  • Bennie…..USA

    Tubaba correct for u carry go!!! but no forget to put God first oo cos without am…..u sef sabi levels. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  • CeCe

    I am extremely happy that you won this award. You sing with so much passion and vision that causes your music to live beyond you. Don’t get distracted, stay focused and most of all declare Jesus Lord of your life. Go for durable prosperity. I love you very much.

  • tobi

    tu face what a good thing tu du ,not smoking ,thrillin aroud with girls.
    keep it up
    u know what c’mon u could do
    better next time
    look at the world best muscisian ,it is meant for people like u.keep the good job up
    se jejeee
    play life safe oooooo!!!!

  • nature

    I’m proud of 2 FACE De world shouild be ready for me com 2006 CHEER BOY.

  • Chinedu J. Emelife

    biggest CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
    u ve really made us all proud. u are gr8, blessed with a wonderful talent. remain grateful to God.
    sky is ur limit, fly……………………..
    i wish u all d best.

  • Godwin Okonkwo

    nothing dey happen. this is just the begining. o boy knock them dead men. you be tu baba, and nooooo lele.
    trip them jare

  • Godwin Okonkwo

    Tu baba, no lele, nothing dey happen.
    you make us so proud of Africa.you are brother for life. keep the feeling on.i dey your side.

  • e. omereji

    they finally got the vibe and feeling, this is good news for african(nigerian) music. keep up the good work. next project will probably be doing a song with sean paul.

  • lovepetalz

    African queen is definitely a good one. I’m an African gurl and you guyz don’t know how it feels being given all those praises…
    mmh i envy your chick 2face…i think that song expresses the you that most people do not know
    Tenderness…love…and all good attributes a gurl might be looking for.
    You are sumtin.

  • freddy

    Cela ne m’etonnes pas trop que 2 Face ait descernÈ ce titre car rÈellement il l’a mÈritÈ.C’est vraiment un honheur pour toute l’afrique.

  • Yomi

    This is a great record for Africa I must confess.
    2 face, I know you are great and u going to go places.
    I love you.

  • azeez

    2face na d main man africa’s no 1 e no easy no shaking we dey feel u big time

  • Paccino

    Yow!! his such a guy!!

  • yunus

    We are expecting you in Burkina faso.
    keep on rocking

  • margaret

    I am very proud of 2face,his victory just goes on to prove the maxim which says’we cen be all we want to be,all we need is to act and not just dream’

  • Soji Adenowo

    2Face… u do well, we’re proud of you. Big up to you from Scotland.

  • fonky

    hi, 2face is simply wonderful and i congratulate him once again. pls, can i get a number dat i can talk to 2face?

  • joelakinwale

    this serves as a plus 2 d nigerian image abroad.dis award means something gud can still come out of nigeria.we are not all rouges/cheats afterall.God bless u d organisers of dis awards and d new generations of nigerian youths allover d world.PEACE

  • Bello Teniola

    Notin dey happen…… U too much. On behave of all the World VIP and me I congratulate u. I luv your style. Keep the good work rolling.

  • Valentino

    hun! the most inspiring music






    somenight in mid-may 2004 when i first heard the song “African Queen” play i think on RYthym 93.7 F.M. I made all these comment as i quote because that song woke me up from my sleep as i always have musicians to rob minds with with my radio on at night;”who sang this song? the voice looks like that of 2-face but if it is not him,whoever it is who sang this song is launching himself as a global and generational giant musically as he will continue to be evergreen and relevant in all facet women find themselves be it in fashion, modelling, bauty-pagentry,… in fact like BILLY OCEAN who never for once top the chart of hiS native country not to talk of international until he released his CARREBEAN QUEEN in 1984, this song will top African Charts across board , will be adopted on other continents and nations and tranlated into many languages. if it is 2-face i want an audience with him” and if i had that audience, i perharps would have been employed as his prophet by now. when he was attacked, i knew it was just a mirage for he would see his miracles rolling in in just a matter of time. I pray for you 2-face because you are an inspiration to me, and that youths can still make it in this Nigeria if they put in their best. kenny’s music, uzodimna,10q a million for what your contributions are to this success. And God continue to bless you and your family protecting ou also. More power to your elbow as u keep on keepin on.

  • Charneeka

    Way to go 2face, I am so happy for you…. Now all you have to do is make your way to U.S.!

  • Francis

    i just really want to extend my appreciation to 2face. Tnanks for your music, i listen to it everyday, you are quite a talent, keep up the good work. We are all proud of you and we wish you contd. success. Love u

  • Abisola Atta

    keepon rocking for Naija!!! (no problem)

  • Abisola Atta

    (NA SO…? SO NA BLACK FACE WRITE AFRICAN QUEEN) ahh 2face u are so wonderful i just wana keep it real man u are doing naija proud just dont forget us when una get big!!!
    any way i am sending me man you CD so he don dey forget that i am his AFRICAN QUEEN. ahh 2face u dey good oooooo Thank you and God bless youwe will all behind u.
    is it true that u dey work wid AKON and NAS?
    The BENNIE MAN video is WONDERFUL!!!
    i dey talk to much oook bye keep it up nuff love xxx Abisola (dont forget my name ooo

  • Akinbami yaqub

    Nothing de happen, 2face u are so good in music, ur music are so good, they ve great feelings when listening to them, but i will like to advice u not to be proud as EEDRIS,FOR ME MY AFRICAN QUEEN IS ASIAT AKINADE.

  • slimzy

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO am so proud of 2face idibia he his an African king. love him so much and wish him all the best.. am happy he won coz i was tellin every nigerian all africans to vote for him dat i c lol… so keep up da good music and don’t let the sky to be your limit u should go beyond it.

  • isaiah

    ooooooooou and ur music morre grease 2 ur elbow

  • isaiah

    tu face {oyigadam nawema alo wa molegidoma a kuce ya lohi}
    u have done naija and idomalandvery proud
    i love u{BUT I HEAR SAY AFRICAN QUEEN NA BLACK FACE WRITE AM NA TRUE send reply 2 my mail westcaesar@yaho.com}

  • chigozie nwosu

    2 face i love u

  • Zax Mopao

    Hai mr. 2 face. Hey man you’re really talented just like your name 2face( dubble face and dubble talented) a very big to you and keep tight.
    you know wat wen my girl friend is mad at me i owayz sing your song en she could smile en back together again

  • cleopatra

    2face i think u really deserve it. that african queen is too much and i also love the remix u did with beenie man that is wonderful. keep up the god work and god will always guide u thru. i think ur brother is really doing well as well(hi). keep it up. god bless

  • paul bewaji

    omo dem don take , u be baba of africa , no rival no enemy, nothing dey happen.

  • fred adoki

    well my guy u just put naija on top of the map,nothing dey happen and who god don bless no man cause according 2 u,more power to ur elbow but make u no break ann heart she be ur luck.

  • fred adoki

    well my guy u just put naija on top of the map,nothing dey happen and who god don bless no man cause according 2 u,more power to ur elbow but make u no break ann heart she be ur luck.

  • ingabire claudine

    okey ur song is so good and i dont know what i can i say now 2 face i like ur voice
    please that is fantastic

  • dolapo

    keep knockin ‘em off ok.

  • dolapo

    am rily happy 4 u, cos u are destined 2 be great N’wayz, u got the vibe so keep it u 2faze u can still make more effort.

  • mariana

    im from brasil
    i ve watched the europe music awards today … and i really like this song … its too bad that your music dont play here
    im looking for news aout you on internet …
    i wish all the better things in the world to you
    keep shinning
    mariana from brasil =)

  • Fatai (Shebby)

    Baba! i dey always give a hel to you…………..you are too much keep u had already blessed by God and no man can curse as u said……………keep on going nothing dey shana(no fire)

  • Melford Ekezie, Amsterdam

    It’s so great you won the award, because I know there is a lot of talent back home in Nigeria.
    Please, do whatever you can to encourage the youth to become what you are now.

  • Ibraheem Bakare, Portsmouth

    A result of a hard work, U REALLY deserved it.

  • tunde

    2 face dusted them all,you dont have to be a rapper to be a musician,ok.lots of them out there ,r.kelly bla bla bla

  • Lorenzo

    Tuface is the Bomb, I love Him and he sure deserved the award.

  • nonsrule

    i knew quite well u were going to win since d winner will be decided by internet votes…naija boys dey sleep 4 internet 2/4/7 so who said they won’t be voting while they are doing their runs on d web…facts to note: 20% of d votes came from enugu state, 30% from lagos, 20% from edo(benin) …d rest of d country/d world share d remaning 30%!!!…we go dey win am steady as long as na internet…naijaooooooooooooo


    I realy like the name you are putting for africa being your mothers land thanks.jide adetona from kafanchan


    Hi tuface,congrat for the mtv award,i know that you realy deserve it.pls.put more greeze to your elbow.thanks i am one of your greetest fans.

  • moji

    good job face i knew u gonna make it big. keep doin ya thing. much love ur biggest fan ever

  • Abbey

    Well,2face u have done a good job.u really make Nigerians proud and God bless u for tht and thxs for being a good Nigerian Ambassador.God bless u One Love………. Abbey.

  • Alicia shade

    When he was in the plantation boyz i knew ..he’s a star..wating for the right time to shine…u r a star and u make me proud..i will sing with u someday…keep shinning brother…nothing dey happen!!!!

  • Trish Ekiye

    You should have seen how your girl jumped up and down in front of her TV screen when 2Face was announced the winner, then suddenly realising what dufus I was being,… I kukuma sat down very quickly. Artists like you make us Nigerians away from home, proud to be Nigerians. Its about time our people got positive news rather than things to constantly put us down. Do your thing boy!!!!

  • rita

    2face i love you, am haapen for you thank GOd you made it please keep it up because you will also slng on my wedding in spain madrid next year rita.

  • Toks A

    Congrats, the award is well deserved. Luv your music.
    From ur #1 fan in the states.
    Much luv

  • Francis Etowa

    Tu Baba,your grate please i want you to continue winning because,the MTV award is just beginning.Arise and shine for the light has come,its your turn to shine like the galaxy of stars.Your my music hero,i love you tu-face.

  • iniobong deco udoh jogodo

    i no know wetin i go yan 2 face cus i like d way he dey bounce and sing i think he be the one wey get d award God go bless ur voice amen i luv u

  • gbosh

    2face something dey happen ooo,u don remove MTV award for naija,bro dat na someting.u don talk am say any man wey God bless nobody fit stop,so no man can stop u bro.make u carry go

  • enock

    je veux recevoir la musique african queen merci.

  • collins

    Hi Tu-Baba- more kudos n more obeligados 2 u babe, U made a big mark in d music industry nt only in Naija but Africa in diaspora…Peaceout to big Bros KEKE,D1,ID AND ALL THE PRIMETIME AFRICA CREWS…I LUV YEE AL..INNO SKY IS NT UR LIMIT..MAY DA GUD GOD BLESS U IN ALL UR ENDAVOURS.

  • henry

    i wanna listen it…………

  • henry

    where can i listen it?who can offer the listening addr,thanks,love you……

  • P.S

    Yes-O! Nuttin dey happen! We r 2gether!

  • Namure A

    Hey 2face….big ups man….ur holding it down….don’t stop now….cos a lot of people are praying for u and the young ones are also looking up 2…..Keeping winning dem awards…

  • “ms. idibia”

    Congrats 2face!!!! You are making history for the African community,especially for Nigeria. Keep doing all that you do, we love you here in the states and really adore your music. I am so happy for you!!!Maybe one day you will be in the states and will have a chance to win an MTV award here!
    Notin dey happen!!!Stay real and keep makin sensational music!

  • Ola Brian 08027728889

    Omo TuFace you are great, I Love Ya. You will also sing on my brithday in HEATHROW in London next year JAN.

  • Mic-Divine

    2Face, you made it man, i thank God for you!
    I know you are humble and your humbleness will take you to a place you thought you could only image but for you it will become a reality.
    Keep up the Good work and put Naija’s music industry on the map.
    One Love, Notting Da Happen.
    Love ur album.
    No Long Thing, Keep shinning!
    God Bless U

  • chime

    2face u deserve the award nothing dey happen

  • ae.y t.o.m

    tu face you be d main man more grease to ur elbow
    but take am gently na hard life we dey live
    i’m glad you made it
    we dey your back
    one luvvvvv
    abeg no fuck up
    u dey give me courage and inspiration

  • Anna

    Can anybody tell me from where i can download 2face’s “African queen” Please!!! many thanxx.. 2face u rock

  • am solomon

    how ar u every body oh my god am so happy for 2face u know wat a talented musician is a talented musician i most say 2face is a talented musician am so happy for him and also kennis is very good in all part of the world well am also a misician we ar 4 in group our group is new diamension group hav a nice day 2face i lov u.

  • olaiya olaide

    2face is the bomb.nothing dey happen my guys carry go.we dey ur side

  • Ladi

    we didn’t used to ja my guy face when he used to come to ljc… those plantashun boyz days… now he’s “rubbin shoulders” with them people! na wa oh… 2face big ups!!

  • zez

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!! i was sooooo excited when i heard bout the award. i remember your mum praying for you in school when your album was about to come out. Those prayers were mos def answered- in a big way for that matter.
    i’m just really happy for you, and i hope you continue doing big things.

  • Bamidele ‘Boye

    ‘The rise & rise of 2Face Idibia’ – sure will make a good sale 4 any mag. It’s a simple logic – success has many brothers, & I’m one of them. Ur swift success has made many African youths believe in themselves. Never relent, & God will yet teach U genuine fallow grounds U need to break up. U’ve disabuse d mind of youths from associating stardom with abuse of one’s body…U’re a true star. Ur style has endeared U 2 me, despite d fact that I’m not a hip-hop person. May ur star shine brighter & brighter.

  • aks

    one love 2face.something dey happen,but nfena ibaga for this place.NO LELE……..

  • moses smith

    I love u ’2face’,i think if i were to have a chance to meet u,i’ll be very greatful.2FACE’UARE THE BEST IN AFRICA AND NO ONE CAN DENY TRHAT.Ipray for u every day that god almighty will continue to bless u and give u more inspiration to conquer the world for nigeria with ur music.Congrat for ur wonderful performance on the award nite caz it was really really fantastic. IAM MOSES BY NAME AND I LIVE IN PORT.I AM MALE THAT IS 20YRS OLD.U CAN SEND ME AN EMAIL AFTER READING THIS.MY EMAIL IS alabo_smith@yahoo.com

  • Sa4ja3

    That is to tell the world That we are the giant of AFRICA
    That is JUST The BEGINING Watch Out 4 Nigeria

  • cynthia

    yes o! nothing dey happen. we are so so so proud of u,i really hope all other nigerian misicians will follow in ur footsteps.we luv u!

  • abby

    i couldn’t help clicking and clicking the submit button. Am glad u won.You are just a star, keep it up mate. Keep making us proud.

  • KEVEEN-Auchi Polytechic, Edo State

    2face Idibia
    African Queen….LYRICS
    echo echo echo Yeah, yeah, U r my african queen, oooh lord, oooh lord
    Just like the sun, light up the earth, u light up my life
    The only one, I’ve ever seen with a smile so bright
    And just yesterday, u came around my way
    And changed my whole scenery with ur astonishing beauty
    oh You coulda make a brother sing, u ordinary thing
    A supernatural being, I know u are just brighter than the moon
    Brighter than the star, i love u just the way u are.
    and u are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams.
    U take me where i’ve never been
    U make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh
    U are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams
    And u remind me of a thing
    And that is the African beauty yahhh
    yahh yahh oooo, you are my african queen, oh lord, oo lord hmm
    Out of a million u stand as one
    the outstanding one
    i look into ur eyes, girl what i see
    is paradise yeah
    u captivated my soul
    now everyday i want u more o o oo
    how can i deny this feeling am feeling inside ey
    oh no one can never take ur place
    can never take ur space
    thats a fact i cannot erase
    and u, u are the one dat makes me smile
    make me float like a boat upon d nile.
    and u are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams.
    U take me where i’ve never been
    U make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh
    U are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams
    And u remind me of a thing
    And that is the African beauty yahhh
    oooo ooooo yaahhh yahhh oooo
    U are my African Queen and I know, oh yes i know hhn
    U are my African Queen and I know, see I know
    See I know what I am feeling in my heart and in my soul
    oh I know that it is love
    And I know that this love was surely sent from up above
    Cause u’re the only one I think of
    U are my African Queen
    And I know that this means that u’re the only one that I will serve
    I’ll give u my heart, my love, my body and my money
    Every other thing u think of
    Who could think of anything better than u
    Who could think of ever hurting u
    Sacrifice my all, i’ll give it all to u
    Cause u ar my African Queen
    4 REAL
    and u are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams.
    U take me where i’ve never been
    U make my heart go ting-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh
    U are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams
    And u remind me of a thing
    And that is the African beauty yahhh
    So black, so beautiful
    I love u, i love u, i love u, munyemo,
    i love u, i love u, i love u, munyemo,
    i love u, i love u, ooohhh yeah,
    my African Queen, I love u, I love u

  • Busayo Bright oridami

    Omo, Notten dey happen.
    Tu Face don pass them all.
    level’s go change
    This is what i call a
    Big Boy
    not by smoking, putting on ear ring , blowing guy , or Flattering grils aroud.
    Tu face don Achieve the greatest dream any artist can ever achive in Africa.
    In Yoruba language I say:
    Enu ikoko dudu ni eko funfun ti n jade.
    Tu face na di eko funfun of Africa.

  • Bola

    Nothing dey happen but success. 2face you really make me happy and feel pleased to me Nigerian. Ride on!


    2face you’re really the best thing that has ever happen to african,more greece to your elbow.keep on.

  • Ahmed Umar

    I thinks tu face realy deserve the award. He had touched so many young lads with the heart solace music “AFRICAN QUEEN” I commmend him for his tiredless effort to make sure that nigeria music industry go international. I also commend kennis music who has been backing our star right from the scratch. I believe this is a challenge to other nigeria artist to put all their effort to bring out their best and also do what they know best. LONG LIVE TU FACE, LONG LIVE KENNIS MUSIC, LONG LIVE MTV AND LONG LIVE NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY………….. Umar

  • wan da

    african king ;-) u made it … thanks 2 the lord .
    by the way , can anybody tell me if 2 face has got a homepage ??

  • joseph

    he deserves it


    it was written by the lord that you were going to win, well done.
    no shakeing, no lili, yes ooo

  • lara

    Am really happy for 2face .You made every nigerian proud and no one deserves it better .and i know this is just the beginning of your success .keep it up

  • justice

    2Face, you’ve made Nigerians proud. Keep on shinning.

  • Rotimi.

    Omo Nothing Dey happen…. 2 Face you are great. We love you all. Keep on rocking with nothing dey happen.

  • mak

    First i we want us all to thank the almigth for is blessing on african.NOw the wolrd can now hear us. also THANK u MTV may the GOOD Lord conti to bless u all. FOR u 2 FACE the sky is the is just the beining, but pls remember to look back has u

  • toyin

    hey this is lovely from nothing to something 2face u are graet joooooo keep it up boy …………………

  • chima ujah

    my guy,u no send o!use vex grab the award………well tanx shaa.

  • Keveen Orikpete

    Hurray!!! , 2-Face has made it. I am really excited about this . U made us proud 2-Face. I’ll also represent NAIJA.

  • Baba

    Yes o!

  • alex

    i’m so proud of u 2face.
    keep on rocking.

  • Akin

    Thumbs up 2face.u deserve wot u’ve got.keep up the good work,it takes one to higher ground.

  • Joy

    I think that 2face deseved to win because me being a Nigerian I think that he really worked hard for that.
    I am totally pleased.