Natural-Self – Ghana Soundz Remixes

The Soundway label from know their stuff and they’ve got one of Hectic’s favourites to remix a couple of the tracks off their Ghana Soundz Volume 2 album.

For the remix of Oscar Sulley’s ‘Olufeme’, Natural Self has gone and had a word with Will to borrow the Orchestra’s John Styles on baritone sax and brought in The Lodge’s Jonny Hughes on flute. The original is a lively that perfectly suits Natural Self’s characteristic big drum sound whilst the extra instrumentation from Styles and Hughes gives it a natural afro-break-beat feel (if you get my drift). Bit too much to expect Alice Russell to join in with some vocalisations but a great track to groove to in the club.
Oscar Sulley is well known to us for his ‘Bukom Mashie’ (which was on Ghana Soundz Vol. 1, a 12″ and Peterson’s ‘In Africa‘ compilation) and followers of Natural Self will know he can get equally funky as he can hip hop. So on the a-side of this 12″, ‘ Is Home’ is subjected to an edit that stretches the groove for added dance floor pleasure; pounding beats that deep sax and floating flute.
The original tracks are both from the 70s and Soundway say that their aim is to bridge the gap between the old and the new. Mission accomplished without doubt and if you like this, you’ll enjoy other Natural Self releases such as the ‘I Don’t Need This Trouble’, ‘The Sound’ and particularly ‘Foundation’ with that man Styles again on the baritone sax. And for a special treat, search out Natural-Self’s mix CD. The Ritual which includes a little bit of all his musical influences.
Reviewed: Natural Self – Ghana Soundz Remixes (Soundway) Cat. No. SNDW12005 Release date 3.12.05: Tracklisting:
A. Joe Mensa – ‘Africa Is Home’ (Natural Self Edit)
B. Oscar Sulley – ‘Olufeme’ (Natural Self Remix)
Breakin’ Bread Records
Various – Ghana Soundz Volume 2 (SNDWCD003)
1. Oscar Sulley – Olufeme (2:34)
2. Joe Mensah – Africa Is Home (8:54)
3. – Atwer Abroba (7:05)
4. The African Brothers – Sakatumbe (6:40)
5. Ebo Taylor Jr. & Wuta Wazuri – Mondo Soul Funky (4:59)
6. The Sweet Talks – Kye Kye Pe Aware (4:51)
7. The Ogyatanaa Show Band – Africa (4:13)
8. Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Naam (4:33)
9. Bob Pinado & His Sound Casters -Me, You, One (Means I Love You) (3:59)
10. Marijata – No Condition Is Permanent (7:02)
11. K. Frimpong & Vis A Vis – Aboagyewaa (11:22)
12. The Uhuru Dance Band – Agbadza (3:28)
13. Uppers Chapter 2- Samarin Bolga (2:50)
14. The Apagya Show Band – Tamfo Nyi Ekyir (3:58)


    Happy New Year Everybody!
    Hope yours was as good as mine. I just wanted to draw your attention to a new remix I’ve just put up on my page. It’s of a track called “Roderigo” by Lack of Afro. It’ll be out very soon on one of them cute little 7″s on Freestyle records. I hope you like it.
    Stay strong people, the Winter doesn’t last forever….
    Natural Self