Purpose of Soul – Purpose of Soul

A true trip-hop record with severely mellow tones and jazzy sounds.

Although extremely bland for the best part, P.O.S does have some extremely nice sounding glitches and tweaks under the repetitiveness of the beat and chill-out rhythms. Much of the record tends to flow in a single line adding some slight effects as the tracks progress but the unavoidable aspect of the record is the sameness of the sounds.
Possibly a much desired record for the ambience of a meet and greet event at a coffee shop or perhaps one for people who care little for true depth and direction in music.
Arguably, all too often the computer is overlooked for its extreme potential as a serious instrument but here, we are faced with some interesting sounds but an abuse of the term repetitive.
The beats are dry and the rhythms are sticky leaving you with the feeling that you didn’t actually listen to the record at all but just heard a continuous sound, like a dog barking next door at 4 in the morning…