V/A – Osunlade: Re-Offering

There’s Kuti’s beat-print all through the 13 tracks and it’s great. Very close to the full 80 CD minutes it’s called Re-Offering as there was a 2002 version ‘Volume 1′ just called Offering

Osunlade has certainly moved ever upwards since 2002 and the last we heard of him was on the HVW8 that featured ‘Tambores Te Llaman’. There are none of his own tracks on this CD but he did compile and mix the CD and inevitably there’s some of his own work via the remix action.
The mix he did on Peterson’s Special show (see below) was in part a taster for this CD as the tinged ‘Yemaya’ is the first track on this album. Also included is the Charles Webster remix of Serouba Bambino’s ‘Decourage’ and ‘Jeware’ by Franck Roger.
As you would expect, there are a couple of exclusives in addition to his own remixes and as a compiler, it’s just pure Yoruba party houseness. If anyone tells you that mix CDs are not very good, point them at this to change their minds.
Quentin Harris remixes seem to have been everywhere this year since his Southport appearance and his ‘New Day’ remix and Yoruba remix of ‘Gwotet’ by David Murray featuring are highlights on this CD.
The ‘New Day’ track is featured on a 12″ on (see below) and I’ve exposed my love of ‘Gwotet‘ previously (I love this track and Mr. Sanders is on top form).
Another big tune on this album (‘El Musica’ by KB) also appears on the Yoruba album recently released, River Crossing. But that apart, there’s a full album of hard to find gems on the deep soulful side of town.
Much like the editor’s conclusion to his review of Sound Affects Malmaison (Vol. 1 Africa), “So this is not an album for afrobeat-freaks really and even less so for the traditional world crowd,” but what two-way crossover potential it has! Appropriately, to finish off, the last track is by Soul Ascendents is called ‘Tribute’ and it’s easy to guess who that could be a tribute to. Well done R2, that was Really Real.
Reviewed: R2 Records Presents Osunlade / Re-Offering (Promo CD)
Track Listing:
1. Sin Palabres – Yemeya (Yoruba Soul Mix) [Exclusive]
2. Ian Friday – Carib (Tea Party Instrumental Mix) [Exclusive]
3. KB – El Musica
4. Eminence – Sunlight (Guilty Pleasures Dub)
5. Osunlade – New Day (Quentin Harris Remix)
6. Mateo & Matos – Conga Deep
7. Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong (Yoruba Soul Mix)
8. Rodamaal – Love Island
9. Sekouba Bambino – Decourage (Charles Webster Remix)
10. Frank – I Let The Record Play [Exclusive]
11. Franck Roger – Jeware
12. Dave Murray feat. Pharoah Sanders – Gwotet (Yoruba Soul Mix)
13. Soul Descendents – Tribute
R2 Records
Soul Jazz Yoruba
‘New Day’ Quentin Harris Remix
Yoruba Records with WYRB Yoruba Soul Radio on Youraba-pod! Check Roy Ayres’ ‘Tarzan’ on the Remix section – released on Double 12″ on BBE.
Gilles Peterson : Tracklisting 03/07/05 : Africa Special – OSUNLADE TRACKLIST
4) Sin Palabras – ‘Yemeya’ (Yoruba Soul Mix) (Yoruba Records)
5) Siji – ‘Irinajo’ (Sole Channel Records/Yoruba Records)
6) Franck Rogers – ‘Jeware’ (Real Tunes Records)
7) Serouba Bambino – ‘Decourage’ (Charles Webster Remix) (Distance)
8) Nu Spirit Helsinki – ‘Mekoumba (Guidance Records)
9) Soul Ascendants – ‘Tribute’ (Nuphonic)