Archie Bronson Outfit – ‘Dead Funny’ (Remixes)

Domino are really getting behind ‘Dead Funny’ and, anyone who saw them at Bestival will know why

The Bestival programme probably summed up these guys best as “majestically off-centre as if Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band lived on at a terraced steeped in classic soul, Scandinavian psych, Faust, son and the Gun Club”. I admit I’ve moved some of the words about but you get the idea. Even then I was stupid enough not to see all of their set on the (very) small stage of Lost & Sound.
But what made ‘Dead Funny’ sound even better than the single was some guy with sax and bass sax doing his Rahsaan Roland Kirk impersonation. Now you might say that the addition of a sax doesn’t make a band great. Well it does in this case as they get as close to spirit of James White/Chance and the Contortions as I’ve seen.
‘Dead Funny’ starts with the line “I am a dancer” but it’s more to do with deep sea diving; head down power thrash.
The single has been out a while but now the remixes are coming up for air. Label mate , who can do no wrong individually or on the remix, gets going on vocal and instrumental versions. Both are good as the pace slows compared to the original but the instrumental is better from an electronica point of view. The synths, bleeps and handclaps come in and watch out for the crazy go-go engine room stuff toward the end.
The last time I came across the Cavemen was their great remix of M.I.A’s ‘Galang’ (which Peterson insisted was called ‘Galang, Galang’). Their mix gets the most out of the little bit of vibes in the intro and takes the drums all military as it moves inextricably into Death From Above 1979 territory.
Apparently, there’s even more remix action in the disco groove but it’s a shame Four Tet didn’t get the chance to use the sax player.
The Archie Bronson Outfit are continuing to promote the album Derdang Derdang with tour dates during the rest of the month and October. They end up with a session on Gideon Coes’ BBC6 show (10.00am on 9th October) with an instore at Pure Groove (679 Holloway Road) and two gigs at London’s ICA (10th & 11th).
Check out ‘Got To Get Your Eyes’ and ‘Cherry Lips’ for more Beefheartesque leanings, definitely great live this lot.
Reviewed: Archie Bronson Outfit — Dead Funny (Promo) (Domino) Cat. No. RUG 288TP Release date: Sept. 2006
A. Dead Funny (Four Tet Vocal Remix)
B1. Dead Funny (Cavemen Remix)
B2. Dead Funny (Four Tet Instrumental Remix)
Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 13/11/03 :: Mia — ‘Galang Galang’ (Showbiz Recordings)
Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 5 March 2006 :: Rahsaan Roland Kirk — ‘Spirits Up Above’ (Atlantic)

  • Gideon Coe (BBC 6 MUSIC)

    Monday 9 October 10.00am-1.00pm
    “South London’s Archie Bronson Outfit are live in the 6 Music Hub performing tracks from their second album, Derdang Derdang. The band play a two-night run at London’s ICA on 10 and 11 October, and their new single, Cherry Lips, is released Monday, 9th October.
    Gideon digs deep and retrieves another Great Lost Album from obscurity, asking listeners to choose tracks from Afghan Whigs’ 1992 album, Congregation”.
    Presenter/Gideon Coe, Producer/Leona McCambridge