Gordon Edge – The Trumpet Man

Gordon Edge has amassed a wealth of experience in the last 15 years of DJing and trumpet playing. Taking DJing to a new place by introducing live trumpet playing while spinning records has led Edge to play the world over, from to Japan.

Countless productions on labels such as Subliminal, numerous inclusions of his tracks, such as on Café del Mar’s Chill- series and on the Buddha Bar series and a riveting live set have all led Edge to become a major player on the Ibiza scene.
His trumpet playing has led him to tour as a member of Sade’s backing band. Edge has even backed Madonna in Miami! Fly’s very own Jeremy Balius dropped in on Edge after a rest in to find out where all of this has come from and where it’s all going.
How did you originally get involved with trumpet playing? What was it that kept you committed to it after all this time?
Edge – I got inspired at age 10 to play trumpet (musical family). It’s always been central to my music life! Now I really enjoy playing trumpet in da house.
Trace the evolution of your music, from the early days of techno in to the current style of house you are playing.
My record labels (Edge, XVX, Rabbit City Records) always sold the most in Germany. I got invited to DJ at major German gigs [Mayday etc]. I was playing hard Techno, etc. Then in 1998 I went to Ibiza and got influenced by a completely different vibe.
I started using the trumpet on records again and made more Ibiza style trax. Now, I combine both influences — in the right club.
In what ways would you like to steer the music you are playing? And your productions?
I’m really enjoying the reaction to the music I play now. I feel I have an open style. New productions will be from ambient to jazz-house to some darker beatz… hmmm!
What sort of partnership have you struck up with Morrillo’s Subliminal? And what are your plans for Edge Records?
Erick signed ‘Set Your Body Free’ and ‘Trumpet Funk’. It’s not a partnership. I will always make sure Erick has first reaction on new productions. Edge Records is only ‘on pause’ at present. New Edge*49 & Edge *50 will be ready for Ibiza 06.
I presume you have a variety of influences for your trumpet playing, as well as your DJing, but is there anyone who has influenced you in both areas simultaneously? Or have you progressed into unknown territory by piecing together influences?
No one has influenced my DJ and trumpet sets. It’s evolved in the clubs I play.
The live element has added so much to the DJing. Is there any thought of taking that further?
In the right venue, I’d love to work with other live musicians. Adding sax, trombone and congas, that would be a good night!
Are you improvising to particular tracks or have you worked out cadences to specific songs that you play along with?
I work out keys of all my records and also tuning for the trumpet [using master tempo]. This saves time ‘in da mix’. I’m improvising with the trumpet.
What are some key things to look out for from Gordon Edge in 2006? (shows, tours, releases, etc)
I always look forward to summer in Ibiza!
Link: www.gordonedge.com for gigs & news.

  • Chris Jansen

    Thanks Bailus. This is awesome to hear. Check out my friends live trip-hop band http://www.fusefactory.ch for a similar, yet different experience. The DJ is a jazz percussionist who records all his sounds live or from records and then digitally mixes them, whilst my friend mixes video for projection and his wife sings. We lived together for nearly 3 years in Switzerland.