V/A – Impulsive: Revolutionary Jazz Reworked/ Impulsive: Unmixed

A crucial component to the development of jazz music in the 60s and 70s, Impulse! Records were responsible for a series of ground breaking releases that consistently lived up to the label motto of “The In Jazz”

Touted as “not just another remix album” Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked is a collection of refreshed songs from the extensive Impulse records back catalogue re-interpreted and re-imagined by the visionary producers of today. Included are clever re-workings from Sa-Ra, and Mark De Clive Lowe to name just a few and each seek to preserve the original spirit and swagger of Impulse!, whilst adding their own complimentary vision to the classics on hand.
Wu Tang Producer RZA and Gerardo Frisina’s reworks have been causing the most commotion among the international DJing community receiving support from the likes of King Britt, and Rainer Truby. RZA’s Big Bounce Mix of Charlie Mingus’ ‘II B.S’ has a chopped up playful jazz bounce quality to it whilst Schema man Gerardo Frisina creates a sure fire dance floor smash from Dizzy Gillespie’s ‘Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac’ chopping up the shuffling rhythms of the original and giving it a beguiling swinging beat.
And if all this isn’t enough already accompanying this CD is ‘Impulsive: Unmixed’ the original tracks from the jazz masters that were subject to the remix treatment featuring the work of such luminaries as Chico Hamilton, Gabor Szabo, and Yusef Lateef. An essential purchase for all discerning jazz fans.
Reviewed: V/A – Impulsive: Revolutionary Jazz Reworked / Impulsive: Unmixed (Impulse!)