Jamie Woon – ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

“We could always go to the Vortex, is on” said the excited Hectic. “Narhhhh” said his companion, “lets go and get drunk.” Big, big mistake.

This little tale happened before the debut single ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ came out and the simple message is, don’t miss an opportunity to see Jamie Woon, especially when the alternative is to get hammered.
Talking of which, has been hammering ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ on his show and it turned up at No. 30 in the All-Winners poll. This is very impressive when we find out that Jamie is from the gospel spiritual home of New Malden.
This week New Malden was covered in snow like much of England and would have been a fine setting for a video to the remix by Burial. His ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ seems to have wandered into a spooky haunted vibe. While that’s very cinematic, the Stitch version goes for a downtempo mix.
The 12″ comes with the bonus of a song called ‘Gravity’ which is simply Woon and an acoustic guitar as a neo-soul-blues-folk.
He’s got such a strong voice, this is either going to be massive or a future find for some compiler for lost classics. By the looks of his future gigs, there’s little risk of this track getting lost on its travels. Check out the video below and be impressed. Now, where’s me pint gone?

Upcoming Shows
11 Feb 2007 Sunday Sounds @ The Spike Peckham, London
16 Feb 2007 The John Sebastian, Bristol
5 Mar 2007 The Pigalle (supporting Ebb) London
13 Mar 2007 Bowery Ballroom NYC, New York
16 Mar 2007 Gobsmack Voice @ The Spitz (Experimental Looping Set)
5 Apr 2007 La Cigale (Blue Note Festival supporting Tony Allen) Paris
25 Apr 2007 Purcell Room, (Luminous Frenzy, Jamie Woon, Blueswerver)
Reviewed: Jamie Woon — Wayfaring Stranger (Live Recordings) Cat. No. LVREC12003 Released: Feb 2007
1. Wayfaring Stranger (3:44)
2. Gravity (4:17)
3. Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix) (6:20)
4. Wayfaring Stranger (Stitch Remix) (3:53)
Gilles Peterson :: Thursday 28 December :: All Winners 2006
(30) Jamie Woon — ‘Warfaring Stranger’ (Live)

  • Nick Luscombe

    Flomotion Tracklist 17/02/07
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    Saturdays 8-9.30pm
    Resonance 104.4FM and live stream http://www.resonancefm.com
    Tracklist 17th February 2007 – featuring ADJ live.
    Distance – Night Vision (Planet Mu)
    Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix) (Live Recordings)
    Digital Mystikz – Misty Winter (Soul Jazz)
    Ernesto Ferreyra – Border Light (Mutek)
    ADJ Live
    ADJ – Dub in cida
    ADJ – Botswana
    ADJ – Deepa
    ADJ – Wot appens when
    ADJ – Wobbly edit (Touchin Bass)
    George Pringle – Kill Her If You Can Loverboy (CDR)
    Andy Stott – Black (Planet Mu)
    Lusine – Everything Under The Sun (Lawrence Remix) (Ghostly International)
    Sutekh – Kill The Monkey (Soul Jazz)
    Kabuki – Fever Pitch (Combination)