Makossa & Megablast – Kunuaka

Trust me, Makossa & Megablast have not let us down on their debut long player and this is going to be a biggy of proportions

You’ll recall that the first single was the monster double A ‘Like A Rocket‘ and ‘Kunuaka‘, got spinning stars like Peterson, Craig and Garnier excited. Even Internet space dust particles like DJ Hectic got in on the rocket (see: Gerry Hectic Guestmix 95) and I’ve been anxious to get hold of a whole album from them. All but a couple of tracks feature a guest vocalist and while this approach doesn’t always work, Makossa & Magablast have got it nailed here.
Perhaps it’s due to the hours Makossa (aka Marcus Wagner-Lapierre) has spent as a DJ, Musical Director at radio station FM4 in Vienna or as Club Promoter? Perhaps it’s due to the hours Megablast (aka Sascha Weisz) has spent as a producer, DJ and collaborator with the best musical talent Viena has to offer? Whatever it is, you can tell that with their background, they’ve got a head start on other earthlings and clearly they work particularly well together.
The title track ‘Kunuaka’ (with Nigerian born singer Subrinah), nominated for Best track 2006 on Peterson’s Worldwide awards, is still sounding strong. ‘Que Pasa’ is less roots and more space dub with newcomer Cleydys Villalon on vocals.
Subrinah and 3gga are old friends on Megablast (going back to Luv Lite Massive ‘Original’ from 2004. And then, can you believe they’ve roped in Kool ‘Dr. Octagon‘ Keith and ex-Rockers Hi-Fi Farda P?
‘Find It’ put the needle on the record Biggabush-style (got to be vinyl).
The promise of Tosca’s ‘Heidi Bruehl‘ and Just Banks’ ‘360 Degrees‘ M&M remixes has come to fruition and they are just as much in demand now (watch out for the M&M remix of Marsmobil’s ‘Mangia Amore’ out on Compost).
This album is so far from the & nu-jazz of old and its one of the most dancefloor friendly G Stone releases of recent years.
Reviewed: Makossa & Megablast — Kunuaka (G-Stone) Cat. No. GSCD026 Release date: 13th March 2007
1. Intro Feat. Ras T-weed
2. Mama Feat. 3Gga
3. Kunuaka Feat. Subrinah
4. Like A Rocket Feat. Capitol A
5. Galaxy 82
6. Porque Feat. Cleydys Villalon
7. The Mating Game Feat. Bitter:sweet
8. Rip It Up Feat. Ras T-weed
9. Que Pasa Feat. Cleydys Villalon
10. Find It (Remake) Feat. Farda P.
11. Mangia Amore Feat. Marsmobil
12. Get It On Feat. Kool Keith
13. Slow Mo
14. I K. Guitar

  • Alan SoulAgent

    Don’t forget, I’m playing every day at the Republic of PUMA Football, do come by and say hello. It’s a really great place to hang out with your football buddies. Monday night (16th) Makossa and Megablast will be playing at the Volksgarten Banane for our Puma friends too. Check that, should be mental after the Austria vs. Germany game.