Margot Meets The Melody Maker – ‘Torch’ (Remixes 2007)

The first Margot Meets The Melody Maker cover of the Soft Cell classic didn’t set the on fire, but that wasn’t going to stop Great Stuff from giving it another go with a couple of hot remixes

In fact, that’s a bit unkind but let’s start at the beginning. Soft Cell were the duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball and were one of those bands that craved attention, good or bad. Their biggest crime (for some) was to plunder the Northern classic hits, ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘What?’ Ball was the Northern fan and he must have known that any community that valued having the original records as much as they did on the rare scene, wouldn’t take kindly to a synth-pop cover.
On the other side, their versions renewed interest in the original soul records at a time when there was one of those cyclical lulls as the kids glammed up in the early 80s. The original ‘Tainted Love’ was by Gloria Jones (later to be the wife of Marc Bolan) and has gone on to be covered by many others, most memorably by Marilyn Mason.
Whatever camp you’re in on the Soft Cell debate, by the time of ‘Torch’ they were writing their own material (any connection with the famous Torch club?), it’s acknowledged that it was their best single before they went on the inevitable pop-star slide.
As I’m not a regular listener to the classic gold style stations, I’d forgotten how good John Gatchell’s solo was. Their producer, Mike Thorne had the great idea to add some brass to the synth pop and check out the link below to his site.
Getting back up to date, Margot and The Music Maker looked to take the dark lyrics of the original into an upbeat house track. Released a couple of years ago on Italian label Re»»Vox, it wasn’t until Great Stuff Records re-lighted the flame with a remix by Extrawelt that it got the attention of DJs like John Digweed and Magik ‘I Give Up‘ Johnson
So why not come back with another couple? And this is what they’ve done with Berlin’s Kling Klong artist Namito and label boss Rainer Weichhold
This is Weichold’s first ever mix, it starts as a dark gothic bouncer based on the ecstasy vocals of “See her eyes they are bright tonight, See the stars coming out tonight” and fixating on the repetition of “come” while the Namito mix is more of a minimal affair for before building to a climax.
Both are great as I own up to being a bit fixated by them (It’s all true, Ed).
Ideal music for the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret as Great Stuff are making a habit of finding these hits after the ‘Push Push‘ remix release. Definitely a label to follow.
Reviewed: Margot Meets The Melody Maker — Torch Remixes (Great Stuff Recordings) Cat. No. GSR 043 Release date: March 2007
A. Torch (Namito’s Torture Remix)(6:44)
B. Torch (Rainer Weichhold Remix) (6:40)
Mike Thorn on ‘Torch’
This electro-pop duo features vocalist Marc Almond (born Peter Marc Almond, 9 July 1956, Southport, Lancashire, England) and synth player Dave Ball (born 3 May 1959, Blackpool, Lancashire, England) and was formed in Leeds, in 1981.
2006 – Rihanna samples Soft Cell’s cover of “Tainted Love” on the single ‘S.O.S (Rescue Me)
Respect to The Torch
I can look deep inside your light, And shout, hold me, hold me, hold me