Mistical – The Eleventh Hour

“Manchester’s Finest” Marcus Intalex, ST Files & Calibre united for “Drum and bass in its final hour”

Rumbling into motion amongst scattered drums, MC from Broke N English and regular collaborator with Soul:r folks, DRS introduces things, taunting producers who make the “same old” sounds “You need to fix up and look at yourself if you feel offended.”
‘Mistical Soulution’ follows with Ras T-Weed (known for his work with Rockers Hi-Fi) adding dancehall style vocals. One of many songs to have been played heavily in clubs over the last few years to ecstatic ravers who can now savour the music in an album format. ‘Time to Fly’ and ‘Groove Me’ are cheery tunes with plenty to please the heads with pulsating bass and crashing drums while enough appeal and vocal hooks for people whose appreciation of drum & bass currently goes little further than Roni Size, Marky’s ‘LK’ or ‘Midnight’ by Uncut.

superb bounce, slick drums and low frequencies to salivate over

‘Natasha’ floats dreamily around double bass and horn riffs while ‘Stay Away’ pounds deeply along, enhanced by Diane Charlemagne’s singing. ‘Losing Ground’ is one of Calibre’s own songs and a track I have adored since first hearing it on a dancefloor. Arranged superbly, sounds soar around the slick drums and mysterious vocal. The love for Detroit Techno manifests throughout the album including in the non-drum & bass material. ‘Secret Love’ moves into deep territory, reminiscent of some songs from Calibre’s masterful solo album, Second Sun. The prolific producer continues to impress me with every new tune.
‘Eject’ possesses a superb bounce with tinny drums which smack down among a firm low-end and dreamy vocal. ‘Memory Jog’ has beeps that circle and spiral as throbbing beats and bass gracefully emerge. The album’s penultimate track ‘Believe’ features Robert Owens, a vocalist legendary from his pioneering records in the Chicago House scene. Futuristic bleeps and ticking drums combine with a resounding bassline, placed superbly on the sonic spectrum. For people who enjoy low frequencies, this is one to salivate over, “It ain’t impossible…”
The passion the makers have for their craft is felt through the music, casting a new light on a misunderstood scene. The Eleventh Hour is available now from Soul:r, as is the excellent DAT:Music compilation, with songs by the Mistical guys as well as fellow musical innovators Martyn, Klute, Seba and D-Bridge.
Broke N English
Diane Charlemagne
Marcus Intalex
Robert Owens