Modaji – ‘The Electrikus EP’

The Altered Vibes label has some of the best artists are and the addition of Modaji only enhances their reputation

Just in case you’d forgotten, there’s the leftfield of Hundred Strong, The Paranormal and Def Harmonic, the poetry of Roger Robinson and the hi falutin’ of Gum Drop.
You may not realise how familiar you already are with the work of Modaji (aka Dominic Jacobsen) as he’s one third of the Restless empire that’s led by the Phil Asher and Luke McCarty. Last year he released the album Kid Gloves — A Modaji Long Player as Harvey Lindo on Compost.
This EP shows off his impeccable taste with choosing vocalists and rappers to create something unique in soul-favoured nu-jazz, breaks and broken beats. On Kid Gloves, tracks featured Hanif Jamiyl, Tableek and Roddy Rod (aka Maspyke) and they’re back on the A-side here, ’3 Wheel Hooky’.
Now, I had trouble with the imagery of a certain Trotters Independent Traders’ Reliant Robin as ’3 Wheel Hooky’ but I’m still with it. This track is heavy on the drums but breaks it up with some cinematic Bollywood come monastery samples. Always a fan on the hammer on anvil avant gardeness of Pere Ubu,so this is a big track for me.
The b-side is equally as good as ‘Jake’s Lucky Breaks’ leads off a great three tracker. Movie meets hip hop while ‘Grass Is Greener’ gets some big strings in on the action. The vocalist on ‘Castles In The Air’ isn’t credited (don’t want to make that ‘Bofini’ mistake again) but their vocal refinement is in stark contrast to the dubby bass squelching.
This side of Modaji is reminiscent of the Exquisite Corpse and Futuristica Music schools; i.e. this is a big favourite at the moment. And if you’re into this, be prepared for lots of like minded people at the next Futuristica Music vs. Altered Vibes bash as they bring you more future beats, label exclusives and special guests appearances at the monthly gig at the Salmon & Compass (see below details).
Reviewed: Modaji — The Electrikus EP (Altered Vibes) Cat. No: AVR026 Release Date: 11th
June 2007
1 3 Wheel Hooky (4:00) Featuring Maspyke
2 3 Wheel Hooky (Instrumental) (4:10)
3 Jake’s Lucky Breaks (3:08)
4 Grass Is Greener (3:30)
5 Castles In The Air (3:12)
Available at
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FUTURISTICA MUISC vs ALTERED VIBES Every 2nd Thursday (Next 07.06.2007) @ The Salmon & Compass, Islington 9-2 Free entry


    Dominic Jacobsen’s latest project behind the boards, ‘The Electrikus EP’ is for the Altered Vibes label and showcases a tougher more rugged, drum centric sound.
    Out today and on Thursday,14th June, ALTERED VIBES VS FUTURISTCIA MUSIC @ SALMON & COMPASS with P.A From REPLIFE
    DJs: Simon S & Tom Frain