Radio Slave – Misch Masch Vol IV

There’s always a buzz about a Radio Slave album and this double CD in the Misch Masch series is massively impressive for new and old fans alike

Hot on the heels of DJ Hell’s Misch Masch III, Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave) has crafted two contrasting CDs.
Radio Slave originally started as a duo with Serge Santiágo but over the past couple of years Matt has made the name his own producing some great tracks. Along with his other moniker, REKID, he’s had loads of remix work from big name chart toppers and the underground alike. Such is the quality of these two CDs, one is a Mix the other a compilation of mixes, you’d be hard pressed to say which is the better of the two.
Of late, the unmixed CD2 has slightly tipped it for me. Featuring a previously unreleased M.A.N.D.Y vs. Books Shade Radio Slave remix of ‘Body Language’ (one for the mix with their hit ‘Push-Push‘ remix and ‘Lose Body Control’ if you dare) at 14 minutes long!
This track is sandwiched between ’s ‘Darkness’, as close to Afro-beat hi-tek as you can get, and the remix of Moby’s ‘, ’. ’s favourite shaven headed vegan never sounded so good and note you can hardly hear Debbie Harry on it at all. And worth checking the Trentemoller remix as favoured by the ladies (especially the one that bought the 12″ from Know How’s shop last year, Friday Night 4th November). Not so happy with Pet Shop Boys (DJ Hell got the track on Misch Masch Vol III but the Jamelia track is a pleasant surprise.
Apparently Matt is now living in (where else?, see Florian Meindl’s guide), he knows how to remix and mix. From the start of CD1, the Trentemoller acapella of ‘Moan’ and ’s ‘Extended Vacation‘ through a Roman Flügel sandwich between a Ricardo Villalobos ‘Apocalypso Now’ remix to loads of great Radio Slave mixes and tracks (especially ‘Screaming Hands’) with the added seamlessness of the 21 tracks make it all brilliant.
Not sure what a psychologist would make of this as some of it is very dark indeed but always with a feel for the dance floor. That’s why the Radio Slave is constantly in demand and this compilation an excellent addition to his collection.
12th May Fabric for Tiefschwarz (Misch Masch III) 10 year party celebration.
Reviewed: Various — Radio Slave presents MISCH MASCH Vol IV (FINE) Cat. No. 88697015432 Release date: 28th May 2006
Disc 1 — Mix
01. Trentemoller -Moan (Radio Slave Mix For K) Acapella
02. Mocky / Extended Vacation (Radio Slave Remix)
03. Rufuss / The Celebration
04. Roman Flugel / Mutter
05. Shackleton / Blood on my Hands (Richard Villalobos Apocalypso Now Remix)
06. Shed / Well Done
07. Shackleton / Blood on my Hands (Richard Villalobos Apocalypso Now Remix)
08. Soylent Green / La Forza del Destino (Radio Slave Remix)
09. Radio Slave / Screaming Hands (Screamapella)
10. Canvas / The Cat
11. Brifo / Mi Piano Rojo (Percu Mix)
12. Trentemoller -Moan (Radio Slave Mix For K) Beats
13. Booka Shade / Darko (Radio Slave’s Unreleased Weekend Mix)
14. Deetron / Life (Radio Slave Remix)
15. Andomat 3000 & Jan / Entr’acte Music
16. Len Faki — Mekong Delta
17. Vivanco / Input Zero (Matt O’Brien Remix)
18. Radio Slave / Transistor Rhythm
19. Beat Galore Friction / Bubble Dancing (Radio Slave Remix)
20. Marcel Dettman / Quicksand
21. Vince Watson / Rendezvous
Disc 2 — Remixed
01. Cagedbaby — Hello There (Radio Slave Mix) (8:48)
02. X-Press 2 feat. Harvey — Kill 100 (Radio Slave Remix) (10:09)
03. Carl Craig — Darkness (Radio Slave Remix) (9:49)
04. M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade — Body Language (Unreleased 14 Minute (Radio Slave Remix) (14.00)
05. Moby — New York, New York (Radio Slave’s Not Long Now Remix) (11:21)
06. Jamelia — Beware of the Dog (Radio Slave Instrumental) (12:55)
07. Pet Shop Boys — Minimal (Radio Slave Remix) (9:13)
Know How Records, 3 Buck Street, Town,