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There was some great stuff on Great Stuff last year but 2007 has started even better. Hectic gets head honcho Rainer Weichhold to explain why their stuff is so great, the relationships with their sub-labels and how they are getting back to their roots.

He says,the music policy is “no warm-up stuff so it’s always peaktime techno to ” with only one criteria “it needs to a party. I think our stuff is so great simply because our great artists know yow to make great music and they definitely give their best.”

As Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the whole label is in pure Bavarian style.- Rainer Weichhold

A German label not based in has some perks, he says, “our weather is much better, we have the mighty Oktoberfest and we can quickly go skiing in winter or drive to in summer,” and the only problem, “there are so many great clubs in Munich. There’s our own monthly Great Stuff residency in an amazing club called Rote Sonne, where we feel at home and have unbelievable parties with our artists and friends.”
One of the striking features on the Great Stuff Recordings’ release are the excellent sleeve designs. They started with a distinctive triangle design but since 2004, they’ve had some great photographic designs. We agree on our favourite, the Coburn vs. Dumb Blonde, ‘Sugar Lips’. “Our photographer had that idea, he went to see that girl who has a dog and came back with that photo two hours later.” It’s this type of quality on the outside that indicates the quality on the inside and the big sellers in those first couple of years were Coburn’s ‘We Interrupt This Program’, The Egg ‘Walking Away’ and Mason’s ‘Exceeder’.
It wasn’t until last year’s ‘ To ’ by Whirlpool Productions that the label got my attention and then, of course, we just could not ignore the big Rockers Hi-Fi ‘Push Push‘ Remix 12″, Biggabush was telling me this took a long time to get released, was it your determination that got this classic remix on Great Stuff? These two tracks are in our Great Stuff ROOTS EDITION, which is for great classics with new remixes. Concerning Rockers Hi-Fi we absolutely wanted M.A.N.D.Y. to do the remix, but it wasn’t easy for them to find the time. So we had to wait until they could do it. And it’s obvious that it was right to wait for that enormous remix. It seems very generous to ask the Get Physical guys to do the remix so how do you decide normally who does the remixes? “Sometimes the artists choose remixers, sometimes we clearly have in our mind how the remix should sound. Sometimes I’m simply a fan of an artist and absolutely want his sound on Great Stuff. Basically, it’s a kind of inspiration, when I take my shower and think about our signings, then the remixers come to my mind.”
OK, so ‘Push-Push‘ introduced us to and Florian Meindl, he says of Florian, “He’s a great DJ and there will be a release a two-track 12″ coming out on our sub-label Kling Klong; ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Tears’.
Kling Klong is run by Martin Eyerer (also on the ‘Push Push‘ remix) and Rainer explains, “Martin is a friend for around 10 years now. When Martin came up with the idea, the artwork and the concept for the sound of Kling Klong, it was just obvious that we had to do it. It’s more underground than Great Stuff and ideal for developing new artists and sounds.” Like Dusty Kid? “In fact not, as there are two really banging techno tracks on that EP. It doesn’t really fit 100% on Kling Klong, but they are so great combined with the two deeper tracks that we wanted to release all 4 tracks. A great newcomer from Italy.”
Talking of Italy, this year you teamed up with two Italian DJs Dandi & Ugo for your first release ‘Infinite Template ‘ (with remixes by Martin Eyerer & London’s Kissy Sell Out. How did you get to hear about Kissy Sell Out (aka Thomas Bisdee)? It was Tim Healey from Coburn who forwarded his MySpace site and told me to ask him for a remix. Which was a great idea.” I thought the Kissy Sell-Out had a modern 80s feel to it (like a less authentic Jordan Fields Presents Disco 2084 ); also spotted by Headman on the Relish for Franz & Shape ‘Tightropes’ (Kissy Sell Out Remix) and then you go and remix a cover of Soft Cells’ ‘Torch’. Is this going to be a regular cover version thing? The Soft Cell track is a cover version by some Italians (again) called Margot Meets The Melody Maker. As it’s not the original but a resung cover version, this is not in the Great Stuff Roots Edition. But it’s amazing nevertheless.
What’s that Pressure Drop 12″ in your release schedule? “Yeah you discovered ‘You’re Mine’ on our website www.greatstuff.eu. This is the third ROOTS release with new mixes by Tim Deluxe and Dirk Dreyer. For me the original was also a big track around 10 years ago (friend of Fly, Megablast is also a Pressure Drop fan) and I’ve also just signed another couple of mid-nineties hits for future Roots Editions, Nicolette (she of “No Government” on Talkin’ Loud) and Marmion’s ‘Schöneberg’.
Iceland’s Gus Gus latest album was recently released to very good reviews. What’s the relationship with you and Gus Gus? “I got to know the guys when I did their German PR around 5 years ago and we became friends. Then they asked me to be their manager around 2 years ago so we started a label for their releases: Pineapple Records.”
Another sub-label is Craft with Russian Experience EP (another different style of cover) but why was that on Craft and ‘Music For The Girls’ on Great Stuff? “Craft Music is the label of Tomcraft, where he’s the A&R and decides everything. When he heard these tracks from Lutzenkirchen he absolutely wanted to have them on Craft.
The next Craft release is by: “the master of acid and techno” Misjah, Rainer says “It’s a banging elektro house track that I discovered as last track on Misjah’s Demo CD. We think it will be huge as we also have that great Italian remix by Pryda Friends artist Giorgio Prezioso.
I know you’re excited about the Coburn album coming out (watch out for the preview 12″ with vocals by Heidrun Bjornsdottir and ‘The Screetch’ by The Screetch (with a Dusty Kid Mix), “Yeah the Coburn album is our first Great Stuff album. It will be followed by albums from Lützenkirchen, Trick & Kubic and Gregor Tresher later this year.
There are lots of other releases in the pipeline on Great Stuff. By the summer, they’ll be GSR050, Rainer explains the celebrations will be “Damn, good!” Hmm, that’s intriguing so I suggest you keep you’re eyes open on the web site and I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find out.
Forthcoming release schedule:
25.04. PINE005 Gusgus — Hold You
11.04. GSR044 The Screetch — The Screetch
18.04. CRAFT017 Lützenkirchen — Russian Experience EP
30.04. KLING014 Florian Meindl — Dreamer/Tears
02.05. GSR045 Coburn — Razorblade
09.05. CRAFT019 Wehbba — Xcellr8
16.05. GSR048 Roots Pressure Drop — You’re Mine
23.05. GSR046 Trick & Kubic — Believe/Container
06.06. CRAFT021 Misjah — What Is
13.06. GSR047 Eyerer & Namito
04.07. GSR049 Gregor Tresher
Great Stuff @ Rote Sonne, Maximiliansplatz 5, Munich city center. Tel.: 089 5526 3330
E-mail: info@rote-sonne.com www.rote-sonne.com