Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

One of the standard bearers of the current beat generation is and his first album on Warp was a tribute in sound to his home town of L.A. but does it travel?

As we know from the Reset EP, Flying Lotus has been influenced by and is regularly featured on the BBC Radio shows of , Mary Ann Hobbs and Benji B. We also know L.A. is the heart of the movie industry and Flying Lotus manages to mix up his ‘Madlib‘ with cinematic influences a la Quiet Village with elements of Black Pocket with early Daedelus.
For us fans, the sentimental track is the short tribute to Alice Coltrane (‘Auntie’s Harp’), the ‘warped’ ‘Testament’ and the Om of ‘Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum’ featuring the glorious vocals of Laura Darlington (aka Mrs Daedelus).
But that’s the last three tracks on the album! Not to worry, this CD works like a slow burner starting with the appropriately entitled opener ‘Brainfeeder’, the ethno ‘Camel’, the broken space travel of ‘Comet Course’, the dubstep of ‘Riot’, the experimental ‘GNG BNG’ and the soulful ‘RobertaFlack’ that features the sweet vocals of girl of the moment, Dolly (aka Ahu); the one remixed by Martyn as favoured by Mary Ann Hobbs.
With such a mixed bag it takes a time to get into it but Fly Lo proves that he’s one of the most imaginary producers around.
Not only that, he’s a busy boy as on the gig front as he was on the RZA tour earlier this year (who has recently released an album called Digi Snacks), appeared at Sonar, the Venn (with the Heliocentrics, see review HERE) and is off to the Big Chill 2008 in August.
And just to top that, he’s been working of jazz vocalist and Gilles Peterson prot?©g?©, Jos?© James on the hip track of the moment, ‘Visions of Violet’ (currently on GPs myspace – see links below).
Los Angeles is “avant garde music” at its best and strangely sits perfect with the other top summer albums Love To Make Music To, Jackson Conti Sujinho (Madlib and Mam?£o) and the mighty Welcome.
Hectic Mix nominations: (as above) + ‘Parisian Goldfish’, ‘Beginners Falafel’, ‘SexSlaveShip’
Future Live Gigs
12 July 2008 Daedelus’s album release party of Love To Make Music To *ALL AGES* with Samiyam+GLK+Thavius Beck+Kutmah Los Angeles, California
19 July 2008 Dour Festival Brussels
2 Aug 2008 You Don’t Know presents The Bug album launch of London Zoo with Flying Lotus, Kode 9, Tippa Irie, Ricky Ranking, Flowdan, Warrior Queen and Space Ape
3 Aug 2008 The Festival, Hereforshire
Reviewed: Flying Lotus – Los Angeles (Warp Records) Cat. No. WARP CD 165 Release date: June 2008
1 Brainfeeder (1:32)
2 Breathe.Something/Stellar STar (3:21)
3 Beginners Falafel (2:28)
4 Camel (2:23)
5 Melt! (1:45)
6 Comet Course (3:02)
7 Orbit 405 (0:44)
8 Golden Diva (4:02)
9 Riot (4:02)
10 GNG BNG (3:39)
11 Parisian Goldfish (3:01)
12 Sleepy Dinosaur (1:56)
13 RobertaFlack feat. Dolly (3:08)
14 SexSlaveShip (2:14)
15 Auntie’s Harp (0:56)
16 Testament feat. Gonja Sufi (2:29)
17 Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum feat. Laura Darlington (2:45)
Gilles Peterson :: Thursday 07 December 2006 :: Flying Lotus in conversation
Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington – ‘Unexpected Delight’ (Plug Research)
Flying Lotus — ’1983′ (Plug Research)
Flying Lotus — ‘Sao Paulo’ (Plug Research)
Alice Coltrane — ‘Journey in Satchidananda’ (Impulse)
Gilles Peterson :: 26th June 2008 :: Beat Generation Special
Mary Ann Hobbs :: 16th July 2008 :: Bobby Friction and Mary Anne go back to back + Mix + Generation Bass Special Line Up Announcement
An exclusive mix from 24 year old West producer, Bullion. This artist stopped Mary Anne in her tracks when she heard his tunes, so this is sure to be pretty special indeed…Also on the show, Mary Anne reveals exciting plans for the show to follow up the legendary of 2006, Mary Anne Hobbs Presents The Warrior Dubz.
Mary Anne: Flying Lotus – ‘Roberta Flack’ Martyn’s heart beat mix (Warp)