Nostalgia 77 – Everything Under The Sun

With Gilles dropping some hot remix of ‘Quiet Dawn’ this week, time to have another listen to Everything Under The Sun by

With Examples Of Twelves on the remix, it’s a bit of a affair with the remix as Ben Lamdin is the co-owner, producer and guru of Impossible Ark Records.
Anyway, it seemed remiss of us not to review this one as we been fans for a long time and of the main vocalist, Lizzy Parks going back to her appearance on ‘The Hope Suite‘ and her Watching Space album.
That’s enough history as this set even a far more measured set than the live Octet version of Nostalgia 77 on the Boarderlands and Weapons Of Destruction releases. Typical of Ben, keeping folks on their toes whether it be the Nostalgia 77 variations, his work with Prince Fatty or with Broken Keys.
Strangely it’s the vocal tracks that give this album it’s appeal (never thought I’d say that) giving it a folky soul-jazz feel. The lyrics contain strong messages for a messed up world with (new name to me anyway), Beth Rowley with the vocals on ‘Quiet Dawn’.
I don’t suppose these guys will do any wrong for me and Everything Under The Sun is another classic offering.
Reviewed: Nostalgia 77 – Everything Under The Sun (Tru Thoughts) Cat. No. TRU CD 123 Release date: 2007
Bass – Riaan Vosloo
Drums – Graham Fox
Keyboards – Ross Stanley (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 9)
Percussion – Milo Fell (tracks: 2 to 9)
Saxophone – Jonny Spall (tracks: 1 to 3, 6)
Tenor Saxophone – Mark Hanslip (tracks: 7 to 9)
Trombone – Trevor Mires (tracks: 1, 2)
Trumpet – Tom Allan (tracks: 2 to 4, 6)
1 Wildflower (4:14) Lizzy Parks
2 Stop To Make A Change (4:42) Lizzy Parks
3 Dreamers Dance (5:54)
4 Little Steps (4:58) Lizzy Parks
5 Eastwind (6:22) Lizzy Parks
6 Everything Under The Sun (7:07)
7 Quiet Down (5:54) Vocals — Beth Rowley
8 Arora (8:31)
9 Steps Of The Sun (5:16) Vocals — Beth Rowley
Gilles Peterson :: 6 March 2008 :: Hot 8 in session + Horace Silver mix
Miles Davis — ‘So What’ (Columbia)
Nostalgia 77 — ‘Quiet Dawn (Examples Of Twelves Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts)