Tal M. Klein – Plastic Starfish

Tal M. Klein is a name you may not be too familar with as he’s also been known as Trancenden and The Hotness over the years. This new album shows how hot he is on the breaks and scene as it’s much more that “the same old thing”

DJ and producer Tal M. Klein set up his own label Aniligital Music in 1997 and he’s released a wide range of different styles and genres by him and other artists over the years; personal favourite was ‘Bêbado De Novo’ by Irian Jaya with Klein’s Stone Skimmin’ remix.
Plastic Starfish is more in the area of Ursula 1000 and Fort Knox Five, who he has DJ’d with in the past along with the likes of All Good Funk Alliance, Bonobo, Mr. Scruff and James Murphy.
There’s definitely something of the Mr. Scruff warped sense of humour on the tracklisting starting with ‘Neptune’s Minty Trident’ (it that a brand of toothpaste?) or ‘Houston Brownwater Moccasins’ or the best of the lot, ‘Sextant Machine’.
There’s nothing wrong with the funk as Tal redefines sampling and mixing adding in little bits of everything from disco, Latin, gospel, flamenco, acid jazz, even country (!) into a Lemon Jelly-type mould; watch it wobble as Mr. Scruff might say.
Best of the set is the very un-Harris like ‘Emmylou’s Underwater Petting Zoo’ with the big drum break, funky flute and horns that transforms into a reggae-stylee (a good transition track in DJ bag of tricks). Other tracks that have got me wet are the lengthy, ‘That Ain’t No Mermaid’ with it’s Doors style organ and the opener ‘Neptune’s Minty Trident’.
In a more downtempo mode, ‘Lazy Land Lovers’ sounds a bit and ‘When The Waves Turn The Minutes To Hours’ is like a Japanese synth master of the Temple of Tangerine Dream.
If you’re into breaks of Ninja Tune, Freestyle Records and Breakin’ Bread, this CD is a must. In fact, even if you’re not into breaks, this album is a must as it’s got that Dr. Rubberfunk variety feel about it.
Reviewed: Tal M. Klein – Plastic Starfish (Aniligital Music) Cat. No.ALG-021 Release date: 28.04.2008
1 Neptune’s Minty Trident (7:02)
2 To The Evening Red And Morning Grey (7:17)
3 Houston Brownwater Moccasins (7:10)
4 Sextant Machine (3:00)
5 Brincando El Tiburon (7:35)
6 Emmylou’s Underwater Petting Zoo (6:48)
7 Ode To Cap’n Gaye (2:59)
8 Plastic Starfish (7:35)
9 That Ain’t No Mermaid (8:07)
10 Lazy Land Lovers (2:19)
11 When The Waves Turn The Minutes To Hours (4:32)
12 The Sight Of Land Ne’er Sweeter (4:23)