V/A – The Party Keller Mix (by Florian Keller)

Florian Keller is one of the most respected jazz, , boogie, and DJs around and here is a special CD of one of his sets recorded live in Kagoshima, .

Florian’s famous Pary Keller compilations on Compost Records were crammed with tracks that FLY loved that not only dug deep but also included contemporary hits like Natural Self’s ‘The Sound’ (off Let Peace Be The Ruler), The Baker Brothers‘ ‘Piece Of Mind’ (off Bakers Dozen) and our favourite Sidewinder track, ‘Ego Riot’.
This Party Keller mix is mostly with a funky base (warning; if you are going to Florian’s Party Keller, it is best to get a good base as its going to be a big one). Further along the bar there’s some jugs of golden era hip-hop, some rare optics of Disc-o-rap and bottles of vintage soul. Sometimes Florian lets you have a full stein/pint, but sometimes the tracks are so strong, they should only be served as half measures. And others, you get the equivalent of a triple shot; how else are you going to get 29 tracks on one CD?
It’s a great start to the CD you’ll recall The Mitchell & Dewbury Band‘s ‘Rapping With The Gods’ but Florian The Great (record collector) knows of this track and then there’s the wonderous Sarah Webster Fabio’s ‘Sweet Songs’.
Of course you’re going to get a few JB ‘tributes’ but in amongst the ‘unknowns’. And then there’s tracks like ’s classic ‘Get Out Of My Life, Woman’. And then there’s the super cool Eddie Drennon with ‘Do It Nice And Easy’ in a kinda leftfield feek along with the Jungle Brothers gettin’ down ‘Dancin On The Dancefloor’.
You don’t get much dancefloor friendly than Maze’s disco version of ‘Before I Let Go’ followed by the Funky Four’s hip-hop version, ‘Do You Wanna Rock’. In fact, there’s a great little funk-hip-hop section and talking of rare, if you love strings in your soul, check Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis’ ‘We Got The Recipe’ and the Tree theme tune, ‘ Tree’.
Getting in on the bus-stop disco dancing craze, the Kay-Gees ‘Bus Stop’ and talkin’ of classic’s, ‘Movin’ and ‘Money (No Love)’ are pure jazz-funk dancers. Dr. Keller gets nurse for some funkification followed by some Mr. Finewine stylee of ‘Marvin’s Groove’; one of the best tracks on the CD (and that’s when you think it’s a shame it’s a mix CD and not an unmixed compilation).
And when you talk old skool, the night ends of a couple of slowie smoochers, Fatback Band’s ‘Feel My Soul’ (always good to hear The Fatback Band) and Together’s ‘Cling To You’; Florian knows that all good dances (hopefully) end with a kiss and doesn’t disappoint.
There’s no hint in the CD that this is recorded live anywhere, everlone Kagoshima (which may or not be a bad thing) but if you’re into diggin’, here’s a whole new seam that’s as big as the Munich ‘Funk City’ Oktober fest!. Even if you’re nto a fan of ‘modern’ mix CDs of seemless computer aided beat matching by techno djs, it’s refreshing that Keller’s old skool style is return to basics – this guy ‘raps with the gods’.
The last time we saw Skeg and the Breakin’ Bread crew was with the Colour Climax single and the Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop compilation. It’s good to have them back as we’ve loved previous from Ghost, the soul-jazz of Natural Self and all things funk and boogie in nature. This is the party mix CD for this years’ party season and see Florian’s forthcoming gigs below (the CD launch party with Skeg on 12th December in Munich).
Forthcoming Gig Dates:
05 Dec 2008 – Batofar with Mad Mats ! , Ile-de-France
12 Dec 2008 – Party-Keller Record Release Party @ Zerwirk with Skeg Munich
19 Dec 2008 – Darmstadt Waben w. Pedo Knopp Darmstadt, Hessen
20 Dec 2008 – N?ºrnberg Rakete N?ºrnberg, Bayern
24 Dec 2008 – Zagreb Aquarius Zagreb
27 Dec 2008 – Funk Squad @ Atomic Cafe, Munich
30 Jan 2009 – Michael Reinboth, Florian Keller, Theo Th??nnessen @ Muffatcaf?© (Into Somethin’)
P.S. Getting back to Compost Records for a moment, they are really hot at the moment with a new Robert Owens single, the Dripping Point album by Shahrokh Sound Of K and their part involvement with Drumpoet Community (check No. 18: Ray Okpara – Swimming To The Moon EP).
Reviewed: Various – The Party Keller Mix CD – Mixed by Florian Keller (Breakin’ Bread) Cat. No. BNB043 Release date: 17th November 2008
“This mix was recorded live at Cafe Spark, Kagoshima during the 2008 Japan tour. It is a 75 minutes live, no tricks mix. Two turntables, original vinyl and a Pioneer 600 only”
01. Ruben Perez – Homemade
02. Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs
03. Johnny Scotton – You Don’t Wanna Do Nothin’ Do You
04. Society – Precious Weed
05. Dj Urbs – One For Stefan
06. No Name – Turn It Up Instrumental
07. Bill Black Combo – Cotton Carnival
08. Johnny Morrisette – I’m Hungry
09. Solomon Burke – Get Out Of My Life, Woman
10. Eddie Drennon – Do It Nice And Easy
11. Jungle Brothers – Dancin On The Dancefloor
12. Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis – We Got The Recipe
13. Family Tree – Family Tree (R&S Edit)
14. Maze – Before I Let Go (Disco Edit)
15. Funky Four – Do You Wanna Rock
16. Johnson Products – Johnson Jumpin’
17. Sweet Music – I Get Lifted – 12″ Version
18. The Sequence – Funk You Up
19. Chill Factor – The Party
20. Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go
21. Firebolts – Everybody Party (Get Down)
22. Kay-Gees – Bus Stop
23. No Name – Movin
24. Bo Koool & Funk Masters – Money (No Love)
25. Perfect Circle – For Your Funkification
26. B.W. Souls – Marvin’s Groove
27. Jimmy Robins Orch – Trust Your Child
28. Fatback Band – Feel My Soul
29. Together – Cling To You

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