Crimea X – Phoros EP

The nu-Balearic future begins right here with the sound of Italo duo who take us on a round trip of electro cosmos courtesy of the crew at Hell Yeah Recordings.

Hailing from the far flung cosmos of Reggio Emilia, Italy’s coolest post , cosmic outfit, Crimea X launch a stellar EP of musical gems entitled, ‘Phoros’.
Sounds a little dodgy? Well, the background to Crimea X is somewhat odd as in the one spaceship is DJ Rocca (Ajello, Super Sonic Lovers, Maffia Sound System) and in the other Jukka Reverberi from 90′s Italian glam cult rockers, Giardini di Mir??, who have often have been compared with the sound of Mogwai, Strap, Godspeed You! Black Emperor!
We’re told that the pair were brought together by “the common passion for cosmic imaginary soundscapes, where Kraut rock fuses with the predilection for Marxist thought and political stories of the last century” So it’s kind of NEU! (don’t forget the NEU! BRAND NEW meets in and they all go off to Ibiza to party all day and night!
Now that sound good to me but when you find out the EP includes a remix by long-time favourite of FLY (from ‘Push-Push‘ to ‘Aorta‘), “Austrian minimal wunderkind” Florian Meindl, you should guess that I’ll probably go overboard on it – but his ’10PM’ techno-sub-nu-jazz- is all about watching the sunrise/sunset; much like Peterson was saying this week about Theo Parrish droppin’ The Crusaders’ ‘Sweet ‘n Sour’ at 4am in his set at the Worldwide festival; this is a defining moment and you can see we’re on a learning curve from the Radio Slave remix of Meindl’s ‘8 Bit Romance‘ and to some extent, Moritz Von Oswald‘s new album ‘Patterns.
If you’re after one track 12″, this is it; and then again the original version of ’10PM’ is a lively italo-disco house track backed with serious Black Power percussion.
So if the versions of ’10PM’ are all about the summer, the other two tracks, ‘December’ and ‘October’ are not exactly winter. Both have an old-skool synth sound to them as if Jean-Michel Jarre wanted to dance.
And talkin’ of the dance floor, Italian deep house favourites Enzo Elia and Martin Pantino, turn up on a download bonus track remix of ’10PM’ that’s almost Chilean if you know what I mean; and if you don’t, see HERE.
Hell Yeah Recordings are proving to be one of the smartest labels in town and if you’re not up to date, get this and then all of their back catalogue.
Reviewed: Crimea X – Phoros (Hell Yeah Recordings) Cat. No HYR 7036 Release date: 13th July 2009
A1. 10 P.M. (7:07)
A2. December (6:06)
B1. October (5:33)
B2. 10 P.M. (Florian Meindl Remix) (11:13)
5. 10PM (Enzo Elia & Martin Pantino Remix) (7:35)
6. A Year Later (Bonus Track)
Gilles Peterson :: 9th July 2009 :: live
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band – ‘We Can Live Forever’ (Z Records)
Ramsey Lewis – ‘Spring High’ (CBS)
The Crusaders – ‘Sweet ‘n Sour’ (MCA Records)
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