Fink – Sort Of Revolution

With a full UK/Euro/World tour to coming up, will be performing songs from his new album Sort Of Revolution and it’d be a good idea to catch him before he gets even bigger than he already is.

Some Sort Of Revolution starts with the track ‘Come So Far’ which is like a declaration by Fink of where he’s been, where he’s going and a progression since his Distance And Time of a couple of years ago; it’s like the ‘Pretty Little Thing‘ track that we loved so much and for a downtempo track, the added dubby effects are a bold move that really works.
So what has Fink (aka Fin Greenall) been up to since the last album? He’s been getting playing with John Legend in America. And Mr. Legend adds some piano to the second track, ‘Move On Me’ but what strikes you about this album is how folk/blues influenced it is, simple stripped down arrangements with Greenall’s vocals and guitar and backing band of Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums),
This is beautiful camp-fire music that gets you in a reflective mood; ‘Nothing Is Ever Finished’ is a prime candidate whilst the a-cappella of ‘Q & A’ has been likened to D’Angelo and then just Fink and his guitar as he ponders what he and his partner would do with a million.
The other guest is Son Of Dave (ex-Crash Test Dummies) who joins in on harmonica on ‘Pigtails’ which is as about raucous as they get as a group whilst ‘Make’ (co-written by Legend) has a touch of ‘Pretty Little Thing’ again and there’s that dubby echo again; love this one.
And if you think JJ Cale is laid back, check out the line “even a blind man can tell when he’s walking in the sun” on the closing track, ‘Walking In The Sun’.
In the very crowed singer-songwriter field, Fink’s song writing and performing stand-out and with this album (his third for Ninja Tune) and if people want to know, this is a sort of beautiful revolution.
Reviewed: Fink – Sort Of Revolution (Ninja Tune) Cat. No: ZENCD146 Released: 11th May 2009
1 Come So Far (6:32)
2 Move On Me feat. John Legend (3:39)
3 Six Weeks (3:04)
4 Nothing Is Ever Finished (4:09)
5 See It All (5:14)
6 Q & A (6:17)
7 If I Had A Million (4:44)
8 Pigtails feat. Son Of Dave (3:52)
9 Maker (5:36)
10 Walking In The Sun (3:18)

  • notthedoctor

    Great album, i like your review but “Maker” wasn’t co-written by John legend but by J. Stephens.