Get The Blessing – Bugs In Amber

’s debut album, All Is Yes picked up Best Album at the 2008 BBC Awards and the Bristol-based quartet have come back with the follow-up Bugs In Amber that’s even better!

It is said that Jim Barr (bass), Clive Deamer (drums), Pete Judge (trumpet) and Jake McMurchie (saxophone) “share a fascination with improvised music” and “a pathological distrust of chords” which sounds very similar to with their album Sensible Shoes (both out the same day) and the recent killer album on Tru-Thoughts (a group that also feature Mr. Barr on bass).
With the benefit of playing at Glastonbury, The (I was so pissed I missed them, see review HERE) and touring the UK for most of the summer (although it was a bit chilly by the time they got to Worth Matravers), they have come back on CD stronger than ever with their jazz and inspired full frontal blend of raucous heavy metal and psychedelic. That doesn’t sound too good but if you get the opener, ‘Music Style Product’ where John Bonham meets Starksy & Hutch theme tune and some lost coral ahhhhings, you’ll get Get The Blessing.
Every time I listen to this album, I think each track is my current favourite, the gentle ‘The Word For Moonlight Is Moonlight’ leads into a rhythmic beat of ‘The Unnamed’ and then the ‘straight’ jazz of the title track and the downtempo, ‘Tarp’.
‘Einstein Action Figure’ will get you all a go-go in a vortex of delirium which gets you prepared for ‘The Speed Of Dark’ that’s a bit bassy and squeaky all at the same time. And then ‘So It Goes’ and ‘Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes’ reminds me a little of Steve Coleman / Lonnie Plaxico /”Eric Dolphy / Albert Ayler all in one; with a sweetest touch of vibes; in fact, these two tracks are the essence of GTB if you ask me.
As you may guess, these guys love to flex their musical muscles and for those that were at the Big Chill for Flowmotion’s 1st Birthday gig last won’t forget their live set (see review HERE) and whilst there’s been a warm-up gig at the Vortex last month, the official Bugs In Amber launch party see them back with Flomotion at Cargo with Exception Record‘s Ernesto performing live the ever busy DJ Nick Luscombe.
I’ve got no idea what ‘post jazz’ is but Bugs In Amber will give a a wonderful jazz-rock fusion fuelled warm glow and comes highly recommended.
Reviewed: Get The Blessing – Bugs In Amber (CAKE) Cat. No. CACD78556 Release date: 4th May 2009
1 Music Style Product (3:56)
2 The Word For Moonlight Is Moonlight (4:22)
3 The Unnameable (6:33)
4 Bugs In Amber (4:41)
5 Tarp (7:00)
6 Einstein Action Figure (4:09)
7 The Speed Of Dark (5:23)
8 So It Goes (3:08)
9 Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes (2:09)
10 Trapdoor (1:21)
Flomotion Radio presents the official launch party at Cargo in Shoreditch, 28th May 2009
LIVE at The Vortex, Dalston Thursday 16th April, 7pm Tickets £12 Р020 7254 4097 11 Square, N16 8JH