Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – 4th Dimension

Multi-instrumentalist Tenor and his buddies from join up with Afro-Berliners Kabu Kabu with obvious resuls, a magical world of Afro-Ra from the 4th Dimension that’s on a different level of “must have”.

A couple of years ago, these guys got together to produce the album Joystone that featured Finnish horn favourites Timo Lassy, Jukka Eskola and Juha Kortehisto for some big band Fela Kuti inspired Afro- and funk.
4th Dimension is a slightly smaller affair in personnel terms but no less powerful on the rhythm and features loads of horns – and if you don’t believe me, check out ‘Fast Legs’ which is big on both. Gilles Peterson might have picked up on ‘Aligned Planets’ and ‘Global Party’ but there’s the fantastic extended workout on ‘Magical World’ and sixties synth-percussion mix of ‘Higher Styx’ to pick out just two more.
For the leftfielders, there’s the ‘minimal’ sound of ‘El Lahti!’ (that’s up for the remix), big band jazz meets rock on ‘Mogadishu Ave’ and ‘Kolmikanta’ (from the Lalo Schifrin end of influences), more on ‘Floating Orange’ and ‘Mega Roots’ is like a Serengeti field recording. After Mulatu collaborations with The Heliocentrics and talk of Tenor teaming up with Tony Allen, this is going to be a big year for Afrobeat. .
The only gripe I’d have of 4th Dimension and it’s more of a niggle really, where is Nicole Willis? That said, if you are a regular FLY reader and can find a duff track on this album I’d be very surprised as it lives up to all expectations after Joystone.
Currently released on Tenor’s own S?§hk?? Recordings but you can expect future International distribution will be by with and if you there’s already some European appearances booked up – it’s a magical world alright.
Reviewed: & Kabu Kabu – 4th Dimension (S?§hk?? Recordings) Cat. No. PUU35CD Release date: February 2009
Tracklisting :
1 Aligned Planets (2:28)
2 Mystery Spot (5:46)
3 Global Party (5:05)
4 Triple Helix (5:18)
5 Grind! (6:19)
6 Mogadishu Ave (4:34)
7 Mega Roots (3:08)
8 Me I Say Yes (5:09)
9 Floating Orange (4:39)
10 El Lahti! (2:57)
11 Kolmikanta (6:20)
12 Fast Legs (3:10)
13 Higher Styx (4:36)
14 Magical World (9:05)
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Gilles Peterson :: 12th February 2009 :: / Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Maida Vale Session
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – Aligned Planets (Sahko Recordings)
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – Global Party (Sahko Recordings)