Tah Mac – Welcome 2 Tahland

set the tone with previous singles as “the next Kanye” prepares to hit the album charts around the world and not just in Tahland.

If you ignore the “Welcome aboard your flight” skit introduction as if you are going on TahMAC airlines on a flight to the actual/imaginary kingdom of Tahland, being Tah Mac’s personal 18-30 island of sea, sand, booze and 24 hour shakin’ booty with a ‘Lavish Lifestyle‘ so that he’s having the ‘Time Of My Life‘, this is a counter-recessionary feel good R&B album of note.
Welcome 2 Tahland by Brooklyn born Tah Mac is not all U.S. swank as the boy has spent quite alot of time in the UK and has got more than a couple of based guests to help out, notably Nyah on the bling-grime of ‘Do It Big’ (complete with cockney pub piano and Greek bouzouki giving it an International flava) and the ex-Sugarbabe Mutya Buena on ‘Give Back’.
Talking of Sugarbabes, ‘Back In Time’ (featuring another ‘find’ by TM, Tia Myrie) and has chart hit written all over it and ‘Other Girlz’s’ is standout track with the added benefit of Cee-Lo Green’s production outfit C.A.S.H. going on. For old skool respect, nice name checks for Beastie Boys and LL Cool J, on ‘Let Loose’ with the poisoned guitar of Ritchie Kotsen and a go-go break. Whilst the airplane flight annoucment interludes are annoying and suited to the superstar transatlantic tavellin’ liftestyle, he gets the boys club to join in on ‘Dreaming’ that’s probably tongue in cheek; possibly? And there’s the bonus of feel good party dance floor ‘Make Ya Body Shake’.
So with a mix of U.S. and UK influences, this album has a special production feel to it, even the obligatory slowie ‘Lonely’ has some glorious harp on it and be prepared to hear ‘Time Of My Life‘ and ‘Feeling Good’ throughout the summer .
Reviewed: Tah Mac – Welcome 2 Tahland (TahMc Music) Cat. No. TAHMCCD1 Release date: 30th Mar 2009
1 Welcome Aboard (Intro) (0:26)
2 Lavish Lifestyle featuring C.A.S.H.(3:46)
3 Time Of My Life (Remix) (3:44)
4 Do It Big featuring Nyah (4:38)
5 30,000 Feet (Interlude) (0:36)
6 Feeling Good featuring Shay & Trix (3:59)
7 Other Girlz’s featuring C.A.S.H. (3:46)
8 Back In Time featuring Tia Myrie (3:36)
9 Lonely (3:25)
10 Give It Back featuring Mutya Buena (4:10)
11 Turbulence (Interlude) (0:24)
12 Let Loose (2:58)
13 Dreaming feat. Andrasiano, Arron Jones & Butler (4:33)
14 Landing (Interlude) (8:15)