Thavius Beck – Dialogue

Thavius Black ensures that the hip-hop beat goes on with a debut album on Big Dada that’s his Dialogue.

With the return of New York’s most inventive underground crews last week with the release of Anti-Pop Consortium’s new album, the fantastic Fluorescent Black, from the West Coast Big Dada now bring us Thavius Beck.
The roots of Dialogue go back Beck launching his career by forming the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Global Phlowtations. Not long afterwards, he signed to independent Hollywood label Mush Records who are the US home of duel Ninja Tune/Big Dada artists like cLOUDDEAD, Nobody, Busdriver and the mighty Daedelus (who’s live at Soundclash in this Saturday up against Harmonic 313, see detals below). Beck’s Decomposition album, which featured a collaboration with the lead singer of The Mars Volta and after working with Saul Williams, a couple of years later the follow up album Thru was released with guest spots for Saul Williams, Mia Doi Todd and 2MEX.
In 2008, he entered the studio with new LA resident K-The-I???, producing K’s Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow album and between studio sessions, Beck was taking to the road, traveling and the as both artist and DJ. And you can tell how good he is as his reputation got him sponsorships from M-Audio and Ableton.
But for an album called Dialogue, Beck’s ‘dialogue’ isn’t with his guests, it’s with the listener as this is just Thavius Beck on his own. He’s said, “The writing and recording of Dialogue was a very therapeutic process for me for those very reasons: I took what I was going through in my life and put it on paper; I released my demons and let them dance over my beats.”‚Ä®‚Ä®
And dance it does with references to prog-, fusion, heavy metal, industrial (he’s also worked with Trent Reznor in the past), soul, , old skool hip hop, grime, reggae, drum-n-bass and the generic electronic IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). The diversity of the tracks doesn’t lead to an easy listen but Black isn’t an easy kind of guy. In fact, you can now add Thavious Black to your underground dream team of hip hop like Busdriver, Aesop Rock and Juice Aleem; so who said hip-hop was dead?
Forthcoming gigs:
7 Oct 2009 – Dialogue Launch Party @ Low End Theory, LA
From 1st December 2009 – DIALOGUE EUROPEAN TOUR!!!
Reviewed: Thavius Beck – Dialogue (Big Dada Recordings) Cat. No:BDCD151 Release date: 5th October 2009
1 Intro/Cracking The Shell (1:41)
2 Away (2:20)
3 Go! (2:24)
4 Money (2:31)
5 Violence (2:25)
6 Burn (2:54)
7 And The Beat Goes On (2:39)
8 Painful (2:40)
9 Hardcore (2:38)
10 IDC (2:07)
11 Sheepish (2:32)
12 Transmission (2:17)
13 Sometimes (3:35)
14 Pressure (3:07)
15 4 Part 2 (3:39)
Harmonic 313 vs. + , Lone, King Cannibal, Grasscut, P45 and Memory9
Friday 9 October 2009 @ Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, London EC2A 3PQ Tel: +44 (0)20 7422 7505
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