The Time And Space Machine – Children Of The Sun

You’ve got to hand it to TIRK, they could never be accused of sticking to any formula as are well off their usual radar.

If you’ve not got it yet, TIRK are one of the hottest record labels on the electronic dance scene at the moment; so what’s The Time And Space Machine all about?
Well, you could say nothing at all as this is a big departures on the sort of cosmic vs. shoegazing trip with a bit of Hawkwind at the same time as Carlos Ni?±o sending some “pyschedelic cosmic love from California” thrown in (don’t forget to check the the review of Rob da Bank‘s Shoegazing compilation, Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol. 3 (Shoegazing 1985 – 2007).
Does that sound terrible or what? Well it would be if it was in the hands of anyone but Richard Norris (half of Jack The Tab with Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P. Orridge, and 50% of The Grid and half of Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve and many other projects) so this guy has been obsessed with things pyschedelic from all the glory decades.
For the guys at TIRK, The Time And Space Machine project is a bit of a problem as they are happy with the “psych” genre pre-fix but what comes next, nu-Baleric, folk, pop, prog, rock, dance, acid, synth pop, funk? And truth be known, on these two track, there’s a combination of all of them!
And the other part, ‘Zetitghost’ is early Pink Floyd vs. NEU!; fans of George Demure’s New Confrontation EP need not apply.
This is only a 7″ but an album (which must be planned) is going to blow the sleeves off those wizards and it’s rumoured that there’s a live band appearance at Glastonbury; all we need now is a King Roc remix!
Reviewed: The Time And Space Machine – Children Of The Sun / Zeitghost (TIRK) Cat. No. TIRK0047 Release date: 7th July 2009
1 Children Of The Sun (4:48)
2 Zeitghost (4:34)