Tosca – No Hassle

No Hassle is the new album by Viennese soundscape masters and it’s the nu-balearic sound of the summer.

Mixmag jumped the gun a little with the April cover disc, Balealrica (a mix by the darlings of Friendly Fire’s ‘Paris’, Aeroplane) as multi-instrumentalists Richard and Rupert Huber (aka Tosca) have their most chilled out white isle audio dream collection that is so reflective of the title, No Hassle out very soon.
This album sets the new standard for other leading lights of the nu-Balearic such as Studio, Quiet Village, A Mountain Of One and Windsurf to name just a few. And we know that these guys have a history in this area as this is their fifth album as a duo; you may recall the Heidi Br?ºehl remixes and their tracks on the compilations Best Seven Selections 3 and the Frost & Wagner Remixes but I suppose, up until now, Richard Dorfmeister will be better known being half of the legendary trip-hoppers Kruder & Dorfmeister (as an aside, if you’re a Peter , Christian Prommer, DJ Hell fan like us, don’t miss out on their combined genius of ‘The Angst’)
And when Tosca get into the recording studio, the Viennese sense of the classic must have influenced these guys with these 12 tracks as although they are great individually, as a collection, they’ve produced their own ambient symphony. This is ideal for summer evenings with friends on the balcony, early sunrises, lunchtimes in the pub, early warm up set; in fact anywhere.
Kicking off with ‘My First’ (although the brief vocal sounds like “thrust”), ‘Elitsa’ is a bit Blue Room jazz-kit with echoy vocals from the souk and ‘Birthday’; now don’t’ tell me that this one doesn’t move you in a happy way
‘Springer’ catches the mood perfectly with some downtempo bassline, simple guitar and synthy (almost pan pipe) highlights from the Andes (or perhaps the Tirol). ‘Fondue’ is one of the dubby bass track that’s closer to My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts than Byrne/Eno‘s latest album, ‘Rosa’ is the spooky OST tune with some evening guitar lines and synthy Do You Love Me Too-ness whilst ‘Raymondo’ sounds like the evening service theme for the Church of Chill on the Hill.
All the tracks are great and there’s strong percussion throughout the album but none better than the last two tracks as the album finishes on a real high (or should that be down) with ‘Mrs ’ that’s like BiggaBush on a really slow day or he’s gone off to the West Coast for some cosmic love trip and last but not least, the title track ‘No Hassle’.
And like Kruder and Dorfmeister a few years ago, you’re likely to hear these tracks cropping up everywhere this year (like this years Silent Movie) and expect to be going over board on this very soon; it’s a monster that lays you down and washes away your pain.
The retail album is packaged with a bonus live disc which should be equally impressive.
Reviewed: Tosca – No Hassle (!K7) Cat. No. Released: 28th April 2009
01. My First (5:42)
02. Elitsa (4:55)
03. Springer (5:12)
04. Birthday (4;49)
05. Oysters In May (4:36)
06. Joe Si Ha (4:09)
07. Elektra Bregenz (4:08)
08. Fondue (3;33)
09. Rosa (5:07)
10. Raymundo (5:16)
11. Mrs. Bongo (5:34)
12. No Hassle (6:24)
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Hell – The Angst April 2009 – Disco Balearica mixed by Aeroplane

  • Alan SoulAgent

    First up is a biggie, Tosca return with a brand new studio album ‘No Hassle’ And with the new !K7 lower pricing, this is a worthy investment into stress free living. Congrats to the guys for making me smile, excellent long player.
    Before I go, to those in and around Vienna this weekend, Richard Dorfmeister is in town and will be playing both Friday (Tosca) and Saturday (DJ). If you are looking for a good night out then you can do no worse than check out two exquisite nights this weekend.
    On Friday Richard along with Rupert will be playing at the Minoritian, Minoritenplatz, 1010 Vienna. More info about this event here. Proper Tosca outing and I hear the admission is FREE!!
    And on Saturday, Richard Dorfmeister at Porgy & Bess for another legendary G-Stone party night, for more info click here. All the regulars in attendance so expect the best DJ party of the weekend at Porgy.