V/A – Supperclub Naivety (Mixed By DJ Marcello)

Yet another superb double CD from the master chefs at the Supperclub, this time mixed By DJ Marcello.

As regular readers will know, we’re no saints at the offices of FLY and we do like to indulge, but when it comes to Ninesins, the folks at Supperclub are the experts. So far we’ve had Addiction, Arrogance, Beauty, Jealousy and now the latest, Naivety.
Now that’s a strange sin you might be thinking but when as DJ Marcello tells it, “Naivety means being able to enjoy the wonderful things and moments in life without compromising”. So what does that mean for the veteran Dutch Club--DJ and producer Marcello (aka Marcel Bakker) on this compilation?
Well the first thing, there’s not as much club house as you’d think as he’s picked 30 tracks that “celebrate life” and “keep a smile on your face”. So this less than obvious choice of compiler for Supperclub came about after they got to hear one of his Slowdance mixtape CDs that isn’t about Youth Club last dances but pre-dancing warm up foot shuffling; you know, basslines that get your feet itching for the dancefloor.
The first CD is all brilliant right from the start with Extrawelt’s ‘Zu Fuss’ and an Edu K remix of Bebel Gilberto (sort of nova carioca Funk Mundial) that even the standout tracks are in trouble but you’ll not want to miss Ta’raach’s super smooth funky ‘Baaaby’, Al-Pha-X’s world flavoured ‘First Transmission’, the nu-Balearica of leftfield by Hot Coins (aka Gilles Peterson’s favourite, Red Rack’Em) with ‘ Man’ and ‘Let It Ride’ by Marzebian. The mix bangs at the end with a couple of remixes, ‘Absynth’ by Marcus Worgull and ‘Williams’ ‘Love on A Real Train’ but by then you’ll be well up for it by then; honestly, I’d have never had thought I’d love a CD with a track called ‘Swim With The Dolphins’ on it but there we have it.
The second CD continues the good vibes with a strong dubby house start with Trentem??ller, Lulu Rouge and Loco Dice. Climaxing with deep house masters Kerri Chandler and Luke Solomon (these two are hot) this set finishes off the 2.5 hours of superb selections but my highlights on disc 2 are the remix by of ‘Too Much Information’ (you should also check out ‘Will Be Mine‘, the indo-chill-house of Christophe Goze’ ‘Ma?±ana’ and the incredible ‘Taxi To War’ by DJ Disse. Oh! and if your in any doubt, you’ve been dancing for at least an hour by now.
As ever with Supperclub, the artwork is top draw (by Dutch photography Niels) but the hot news from HQ is that in September, there’s going to be a Supperclub added to the list of San Francisco, Istanbul and Singapore. Opening in Notting Hill, it’ll be a chance for us Brits that don’t travel to experience the full Supperclub experience; can’t wait I say.
Reviewed: Various – Supperclub Naivety (Mixed By DJ Marcello) (United Recordings) Cat. No. SC005LTD Release date: 13th July 2009
01. Extrawelt – Zu Fuss (Muttermix) (4:26)
02. Otto Feat. – Bob (Edu K Remix) (4:57)
03. Abraham – Magpie (3:07)
04. Floris – Fighting Traffic (5:26)
05. Ta’raach – Baaaby (3:43)
06. Ralph Falcon & Victoria Wilson James – Swim (with the Dolphins) (6:29)
07. Paul R – Thats The Place On The French Side (5:05)
08. Nove – Sedatives (4:38)
09. Al-Pha-X – First Transmission (5:23)
10. Ennio Morricone – La Cugina (The Amalgamation of Soundz Remix) (4:29)
11. Hot Coins – Norway Man (6:08)
12. Aeroplane – Caramellas (7:43)
13. Marzebian – Let it Ride (6:40)
14. Frontera – Rouge (6:29)
15. Woolfy Vs. Projections – Absynth (Marcus Worgull Remix) (6:39)
16. Williams – Love on A Real Train (Williams Odyssey Mix) (5:36)
1. Trentemoller – Nightwalker (5:49)
2. Lulu Rouge – Melankoli (4:49)
3. Loco Dice – M Train to Brooklyn (6:36)
4. Gui.Tar – Thru Your Hifi (6:44)
5. Joe T Vannelli Feat. Csilla – Play with Vannelli (Tool Pad) (1:47)
6. Adani & Wolf – Mist of Dreams (6:23)
7. Christophe Goze – Ma?±ana (6:16)
8. DJ Disse – Taxi to War (5:04)
9. Paul Kalkbrenner – Since 77 (5:09)
10. Chymera – Caprica Burning (8:53)
11. Skylark – Too Much Information (Manuel Tur Remix) (7:49)
12. Lovebirds – Gentle (6:26)
13. Kerri Chandler – Je T’aime (Main Mix) (7:08)
14. Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Mix) (7:35)