Baths – Cerulean

When I were a lad, going to the was the highlight of the week but this week is the album of the week; and probably a lot longer than that!

Baths (real name Will Wiesenfeld) is the latest of the West Coast underground beat merchants ready to take on the big boys. And whilst you might be sceptical with the amount of blog hype this release has attracted, Baths’ Cerulean is the real thing.
Under the watchful eye of Daddy Kev, the music links all the Dublab, Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Dimlite, Nobody and Nosaj Things of the world with experimental electronic glitch-hop ambience.
Baths is a tricky guy to pigeon hole but with the sideburns, cats and a Daedelus remix seal of approval, Alfred Darlings’ works springs to mind with a bit of Carlos Ni?±o psych Calif folk. Put that all together and possibly ‘Apologetic Shoulder Blades’ and the fantastic ‘Rain Smell’ best capture the extremes.
‘Rain Smell’ is a bit of a grower and there’s more ‘hidden’ gems but I’m favouring the more obvious tracks like ‘‚ô•’ (it’ll remind you of Thom Yorke vs. Madlib a little), ‘You’re My Excuse To Travel’ (goes a bit indie sing-a-long this one) and ‘Halls’ that features Mario Luna on guitar and vocals (the simplicity of the lyrics is the key here).
To prove that he’s “underground” at heart, there’s some suitable 60s poetic titles like ‘Apologetic Shoulder Blades’, ‘Lovely Blood Flow’ (like early Tunng) and ‘Rafting Starlit Everglades’.
He’s extensively touring in the US for the rest of the year (see his myspace site) so we’ll have to be patient before seeing him over this side of the pond so “what’s love telling you to do right now?” Buy the album, that’s what!
Reviewed: Baths – Cerulean (Anticon) Cat. No: ABR105CD/ABR105LP (Limited Double Vinyl) Release date: 2nd August 2010
1 Apologetic Shoulder Blades (2:30)
2 Lovely Blood Flow (3:35)
3 Maximalist (3:20)
4 ‚ô• (3:17)
5 Aminals (3:18)
6 Rafting Starlit Everglades (3:53)
7 Hall (3:32)
8 You’re My Excuse To Travel (3:35)
9 Rain Smell (4:24)
10 Indoorsy (2:45)
11 Plea (4:16)
12 Departure (4:49)
Style: “Inception was a beautiful, incomparable experience. Please please PLEASE make the time to see it as soon as you can, the reward is greater than you can possibly imagine.”