SBTRKT – Step In Shadows EP

Following on from the ‘Soundboy Shift’ 12″, makes even more sonic reductions with the new Step In Shadows EP.

I’ve read a bit of hater type comment about SBTRKT and his infamous Afro warrior mask but that’s just an irrelevance as he steps out in shadows.
When the masked superstar of ‘revealed’ himself, I was hopeful of getting an interview with the man with no vowels, but he’s been too successful with gigs, podcasts, mixtapes, remixes and the like it’s a wonder that he’s had time to produce this EP.
And from the title alone, you can guess that SBTRKT is no dubstep formula type of guy much like other dubstep Phase II luminaries like Ramadanman, Mala, Actress, Jack Sparrow et al.
As if to prove the point, the opening track ‘Look At Stars’ is as much deep at 140 bpm with a rather good vocal line “On my way home, I look at stars” that morphs into a skat – even a surprise for SBTRKT followers?
The title track is more dubstep scene but with over riding cowbell or Shinto shrine influences bordering on underwater 2-step; SBTRKT is the man for imagination and this one could end up in an end of year top 10 (erm…, Peterson not played it yet?)
The EP ends with ‘Hide Or Seek’, the one with big strings that’s much loved by bloggers and clubbers alike and the set is completed by the high tempo ‘Colonise’ that’s again more on the house tip.
You’d have got a review of SBTRKT live if there’s hadn’t of been a typo in a certain club sheet (no names, but it’s not the first time) but he’s got to be in a lot of ‘Best of 2010′ end of year lists and Step In Shadows EP only enhances his reputation; mask or no mask, bring on the album.
Hectic Mix nomination: All but ‘Look At Stars’ in particular.
Reviewed: SBTRKT – Step In Shadows EP (Young Turks) Cat. No. YT043 Release date: 15th Novemeber 2010
1. Look At Stars (4:01)
2. Step In Shadows (4:45)
3. Colonise (4:18)
4. Hide Or Seek (5:20)