Hermeto Pascoal – Barbican, 20 November 2011

, charismatic composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and musical visionary returns to the Barbican in celebration of his 75th birthday, with his intoxicating blend of jazz, and Brazilian music.

Described by as “one of the most important musicians on the planet” and nicknamed the ‘Sorcerer’, he is as likely to produce a piece for kitchen utensils as improvised solos on keyboard or flute – or leading his long established, infectiously swinging Brazilian band in partnership with the all star British band formed back in the 90s to play his exhilarating big band music.

‘Hermeto Pascoal is one of the great originals of Brazilian music. The best way to appreciate him is as a complete individual, making music of breathtaking quality and quantity.’ The Guardian

Brazilian Band

  • Hermeto Pascoal: keyboard, accordion, teapot, bass flute, his skeleton, cup of water…
  • Aline Morena: voice, ten strings guitar and body percussion
  • Itiberê Zwarg: electric bass and percussion
  • André Marques: piano, flute and percussion
  • Vinícius Dorin: saxes, flutes and percussion
  • Fabio Pascoal: percussion and stage direction
  • Marcio Bahia: drum kit and percussion

British Band


  • Tom Rees Roberts
  • Noel Langley
  • Henry Lowther
  • Kevin Robinson
  • Chris Batchelor


  • Pete Beachill
  • Fayyaz Virji
  • Richard Henry
  • Richard Wigley
  • Sarah Williams


  • Phil Todd
  • Peter King
  • Julian Siegel
  • Chris Biscoe


  • Mark Mondesir drums
  • Mike Mondesir bass
  • Stuart Hall guitar


  • Jovino Santos


  • Lclneto

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