James Pants – Clouds Over The Pacfic EP

Pants is back! Our favourite former resident of Spokane has fled the nest and finds Clouds Over The in superb 4-track EP form.

As there’s still a little wait until the follow-up to James’s first album Welcome that came out in 2008, what’s he been up to in the last 3 years?
Well, we saw him with the King of Soul, at Cargo for one thing (see HERE with the then little known Jamie Woon!) and toured the world with his live and DJ sets then there’s been couple of ‘out there’ albums, Seven Seals and All The Hits and limited released compilations of a Mix and one called Ice Castles – The Coming Of A New Age that’s covers his love of 7s cult/New Age Records (hence the move from Colorado to Cologne?) plus collaborating with D?¢m-Funk!
Even though he was still in the US when he recorded the new album, he was obviously inspired by the Krautrock originals of Can, Faust, NEU! and even more obscure.
So it’s a little surprising that ‘Clouds Over The Pacific’ features the delicate vocals of Spain’s Lucrecia Dalt (who’s a little bit ‘out there’ herself – check out the links below) but if the rest of the album is as good as this spaced out 60s pop-girl Cannibalism, we’re in for a real treat. The only issue I have is that it’s just not long enough as there must be an extend version in there.
To make up for that minor gripe, the 3 other tracks won’t be on the album and ‘sitting On The Couch Turning To Stone’ takes up where ‘Clouds Over The Pacific’ left off but in a more laid back dub out synth pop way.
‘Prologue To A Ritual’ (possibly Space?) is ideal mixtape tape intro and the last track of the four, ‘The Way She Looks Tonight’ is closer to an electrified Yusef doing a cover of a Human League doing a cover of a The Chi-lites smoocher.
The new album, called is due out on 2nd May and I hoping we’ll get a exclusive run down from the man himself on the 13 new tracks in addition to ‘Clouds Over The Pacific’!

Forthcoming Dates:
Apr 15/Vendredi 15 Avril : BRAIN MGZNE pr?©sente DECADE @ Social Club avec Para One, Shit Robot, JAMES PANTS, Zombie Disco Squad, Jupiter & Los Chicros
INFOS PRATIQUES : Social Club. 142 rue Montmartre 75002 23h / 13 euros. Pr?©ventes Digitick (fortement conseill?©es)
Apr 16: James Pants, Vienna
May 03: Release date: James Pants, Worldwide
May 13: Stones Throw takeover Room 3 @ Fabric : J Rocc, James Pants, Kutmah & Alex Chase. London.
May 27: James Pants, Zurich
May 29: James Pants, Paris
Jun 26: James Pants, Toulouse
Jul 16: James Pants, Zadar
Reviewed: James Pants – Clouds Over The Pacific (Stones Throw) Cat. No. STH7045 Release date: 4th April, 2010
1 Clouds Over The Pacific feat. Lucrecia Dalt (4:03)
2 Prologue To A Ritual (1:20)
3 Sitting On The Couch Turning To Stone (3:37)
4 The Way She Looks Tonight (2:46)
JAMES PANTS new LP out May 2nd. “The new James Pants album is so good! Dude always kills it” (Flying Lotus).