Mo Kolours – Drum Talking EP1

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Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking

One-Handed Music’s roster of stars already includes Paul White and Bullion has now expanded to include Mo Kolours making 3 a very magic number!


As someone has already said, “Paul White‘s friend just can’t produce bad music. Gonna be huge!”
And there’s no question that one of the best shows of Gilles Peterson on Radio 1 this year was when Mo Kolours came in for a chat and played some of the tracks from what was the forthcoming EP. Now EP1 is here, it’s high up the ‘Ones to Watch 2011′ – trust me, his drum is talking loud and proud.
Mo Kolours is a half-Mauritian percussionist and singer. If you’re unfamiliar with the Mo Kolours sound, they say it unites an array of more familiar influences with the Sega music of his island roots; it’s not a long way from the Smithsonian Institution, J Dilla with Kolour’s own looped singing aswell.
The best examples are the title track, the drippy psych congas of ‘Drum Talking’ and the Rainforest chant meets Madlib of ‘Biddles’ – “the rain falls, like the wind blows, like the sun shines, like a cloud moves’; OK, throw in a bit of Theo Parrish/Baths/Gonjasufi groove and it’s rockin’ the joint.
‘Bakiraq’ sounds like a bit like a distorted Roots Manuva in the bathroom with cowbells to a Bobby McFerrin acapella. And on the subject of, regular readers will know I’ve got a great admiration for Bobby McFerrin, especially the early albums (see below for Podcast proof and as Peterson pointed out, there’s some McFerrin father and son YouTube business that’s worth checking out).
Anyway, Snr’s version of ‘Blackbird’ is one of Mrs Hectic’s favourites so a bit of this in ‘Dead Of Night’ doesn’t go amiss whilst the funky wobble of ’8 Hours’ is yet another Mo Kolours variation.
I’m very excited about this and the fact that this is EP1: Drum Talking I’m well up of EP2: Drum Talking. A fantastic debut and a new global star has arrived.
Hectic Mix nominations: ‘Drum Talking’, ‘Biddies’, ‘Bakiraq’
Reviewed: Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking (One-Handed Music) Cat No. HAND12009 Release date: 17th May 2011 artwork by Ekta
1. Intro (0:22)
2. Bakiraq (2:21)
3. Drum Talking (3:09)
4. Biddies (3:37)
5. Dead Of Night (2:35)
6. 8 Hours (2:09)
7. Outro: I’m The Drum (0:19)
Bonus: Biddies (Truth Is The Light Edit) (5:35)
Unherd Radio Show No. 121 09/05/11 Posted on 10 May 2011 by Dom Servini : Special guest in the studio, Mo Kolours!!/onehandedmusic
Gilles Peterson Wed, 23 Mar 2011, 02:00 on BBC Radio 1 Words & Music from Mo Kolours & Loleatta Holloway Tribute with Norman Jay MBE and Louie Vega
Mo Kolours — Baqirak (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Drum Talking (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Biddies (One Handed Music)
Mo Kolours — Dead Of Night (One Handed Music)
Gerry Hectic Podcast – N-E-X-T-W-O-R-L-D #3 [Norwegian Woodbeatle mix]
Inspired by Mr. Peterson’s ‘Norwegian Wood Mix’, I thought there’s an excuse to do a mix of “popular tunes by The Beatles”. Not particularly a great fan of Lennon/Macca so it’s a bit of a hotch-potch but good to hear Bobby McFerrin again. Hope you enjoy this Hectic Half Hour of interpretations of Fab Fourness and welcome suggestions for a ‘Second Half’ of course. Tracklisting for N-E-X-T-W-O-R-L-D #3 [Norwegian Woodbeatle mix] (currently loaded at )
1 – Mia Doi Todd – ‘Norwegian Wood’ (Plug Research) [La Ninja: Amor And Other Dreams Of Mazanita][2006]
2 – Bobby McFerrin – ‘From Me To You’ (Blue Note) [Spontaneos Inventions][1986]
3 – Bobby McFerrin – ‘Blackbird’ (Elektra) [The Voice][1984]
4 – Mr & Mrs Yellowman – ‘Where Is Santa Claus’ (Norweigen Wood Rhythm) (Greensleeves) [12". 1985]
5 – DJ Smash – ‘Come Together’ DJ Kingsize Remix Bob Belden Project feat. Cassandra Wilson & Dianne Reeves (Blue Note)
6 – Stereo MCs – ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ (Graffiti recordings) [12", July 2006]
7 – George Benson – ‘Golden Slummers’ (CTi) [The Other Side Of Abbey Road][1970]
8 – Ramsey Lewis – ‘Day Tripper’ (Chess) [1966]
9 – The London Symphony Orchestra -’Get Back’ [Edit] (K-Tel)[Best Of][1982]

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    EP and newcomer of the week comes via One-handed music and Mo Kolours. EP1 Drum Talking getting all the props from all the right people and it is well deserved. Great new sound and cannot wait for more from this exciting artist.