Record Store Day with Jonny Trunk & Gilles Peterson (16th April 2011)

At least there’s one day a year when your local independent record store makes the news as Record Store Day returns with lots of special releases on vinyl to collect; and much more too!

Since Record Store Day launched in 2008, the ever increasing loss of the Independent Record Store (as documented in Old Rare New) and whilst there may be the slightest of slight green shoots of a recovery, the Record Shop is now suffering from the general High Street recession in addition to the double barrel issues of MP3 and online sales.
As co-founder of Proper Malcolm Mills was a guest on the red sofa on breakfast TV (and as a quick aside, watch out for review of Chris Barber’s double CD celebration on Proper Memories Of My Trip and we can also recommend Mills’ book, Last Shop Standing), it was enough to get us on the train to to check out two different events that so happens to feature our two favourite radio DJs.
That’s one of the most important things about Record Store Day is celebrating what’s unique about the shop environment and whilst wasn’t presenting his weekly Saturday show on Resonance 104.4 FM, the truly unique OST show, it was Intoxica!’s gain (for further details see Music for Lunatics – Here’s Jonny II (The Cultural Pottage Cut) and the 2007 interview HERE).
Intoxica! is the specialist vinyl shop in Portobello Road (opposite Tesco) that has a massive vinyl selections with rock and soundtracks upstairs and and movies posters downstairs. But as Jonny said, “People forget they also sell new records”. And what was Mr. Trunk doing in the shop? Well, let him explain. “About 5 years ago when I decided to press 29 copies of the Basil Kirchin to The Shuttered Room onto vinyl. These 29 white label pressings were to be illustrated by Julian House. However since the LPs were pressed, both myself and Julian have miserably failed to get together (apart from to get drunk) and have never actually sorted out the hand made artwork we have planned. These records will remain in the Trunk archive until both parties get their act together. That is until today as only at Intoxica!, I’m raffling one of the LPs with it’s own unique artwork, based on a stamp made from the film’s logo. It will have its own catalogue number and it will also have an insert explaining the history of the release. The sleeve will also be embossed with the Trunk logo. This small slab of 12″ vinyl will stand alone as a one-off Trunk issue. As and when the remaining 28 copies get released, their artwork will be radically different”. A very collectable prize I’m sure you’ll agree.
I’m afraid, Mrs Hectic or me didn’t win but it was good to chat to Jonny in between him selling raffle tickets and listening to an upfront CD that’s soon to be released on Trunk Records. An incredible collection of 81 tracks of previously unissued advertising jingles, electronics and jazz by none other than the master composer Barry Gray.
“Listen to this” he says with he usual enthusiasm for the man behind Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and UFO (to name just three) themes and it’s an advert for a banana flavoured breakfast series, “Isn’t that barmy? My kids love singing along to this in the morning.” And it is. As this CD has been put together by Trunk from a massive 6 hour collection of tapes, the 81 are the best of the bunch. “There’s some odd one-off adverts, like one for shop in West Malden and then there’s electronic themes that he kept that he used years later as theme tunes”. If your a fan of Trunk’s 2006 release, Music For Biscuits (that only came about after Sir Trunk saved the tapes from a skip after the late Mike Sammes’ house was being cleared by builders), this is one for the collection. And there a vinyl pressing as wall as CD and now I’ve heard some of Stand By For Adverts, I’m a convert.
And after a chat about his OST show theme tune, the original version of a library piece called ‘Busy Boy’ by Ted Dicks (that was speeded up for the jaunty theme to the ITV series Catweazle), “it’s the one with the Please Sir photo on the cover” it was an opportune time to mention, “Have you heard Into the Music Library on BBC Radio 4?”
I confessed I hadn’t but it’s an essential listen, “I interviewed Barbara Moore, John Cameron, Keith Mansfield (of KPM, de Wolfe, Bruton Music etc) along with fans like David Quantic, Javis Cocker and Jerry Dammers“. This is Trunk in his sonically obscure best. Only available on the ‘Listen Again’ for 7 days HERE and its brilliant; especially Barbara’s sonic needs! Steam heat for all.
I feel JT is prime Radio 4 material and as it’s made Pick Of The Week today, they’ll be other radio producers knocking on his door soon you feel.
So after a bit of gossip about some going’s on at East, it’s the tube trip across town to Old Street sharing the carriage shared with the Indie kids who where clutching there bags from the original shop, to hit Gilles Peterson‘s Brownswood Records “pop-up” shop at CAMP to get a 12″ of ’s ‘Wires’ backed with a Theo Parrish remix.
I was too late of course but that was fine as due to Peterson’s combined clear-out of his Brownswood Basement store of his record collection, setting up the Steve Reid Foundation (the drumming legend who died last year) and his debut London Marathon (in a respectable sub 5 hours) in aid of the new charity.
But for a collector/fan/digger, here was a very rare chance to flick through ’s record collection? Well, the one’s he’s prepared to sell anyway and whilst I passed on buying a Peterson autographed copy of Dave Valentin’s In Love’s Time there were a few other goodies that I got my hands on (which could end up as a podcast HERE so stay tuned but try this as an alternative in the meantime; starts with a Hectic remix of Radiohead’s ‘Nude’).

And whilst fellow vinyl enthusiasts were browsing to their heart’s content through creates of rare soul, jazz, funk and African records there was an auction of vinyl generously donated by celebrity ‘fans’ including Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu, Four Tet, Zane Lowe, Rob Da Bank, Jamie Cullum and more.
All record sale proceeds go to the Foundation, so auctioneer extraordinaire (and Peterson’s running coach) Earl Zinger, took up the gavel for his original patter (too much watching Home Under The Hammer me thinks). And what a good job he did as the Thom Yorke doodled cover (a la Sun Ra) of the already sold out Burial+Four Tet+Thom Yorke vinyl of ‘Ego’ / ‘Mirror’ went for a well over ¬£100!
With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I’d have got the Jose James rarity but then a ‘re-invention’ of Herbie Hancock’s classic Headhunters album cover went for ¬£55.00 so you never know.
There was also a Jazzman Records stall (and as Jonny Trunk has done a recent show with Jazzman’s latest signing Greg Foat, of The Greg Foat Group) you’ve guest it, all copies of the 10″ EP have sold out so I’ll cherish my free sticker until the album comes out later this year.
Not only that, Brownswood’s latest signing of the Band did a short acoustic solo set which was very good (with an album coming out soon on Brownswood Recordings). And Jesse Hackett (also of Owiny Sigoma Band) was on DJ duties along with The bPm who was in particularly good form (but not joining Gilles in Cuba on a forthcoming trip!)
So it was good to see a few old friends even if it wasn’t totally successful day vinyl hunting. Peterson wasn’t selling anything by Ted Dicks but it was good to see someone proudly walking about with a Best Of Bobbi Humphrey album and after enjoying The bPm, it was too late for Rough Trade East so it’s was time for a second helping of sushi of the day (Sainsbury’s local is opposite CAMP where but their sushi is not as good as Ukai Sushi in Portabello Road; and where’s Gilles’ book on sushi?) but a great day out and if you’ve not had the ‘Saturday Morning Rush’ for a while, next year’s Record Store Day is too far away so get buying now.
I wonder is Mr. Big won the The Shuttered Room soundtrack raffle?
Links: – Saturday 16:30-18:30 The OST Show: This weekly programme is dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings, and is hosted by Jonny Trunk.
Barry Gray – Stand By For Adverts Cat No. JBH039CD Release date: 23rd May 2011 Discotheque is part of Sheffield’s Sensoria film and music festival, and I’m very excited. Dancing! In the library! DJs include Richard Bradley, Ian Cracknell, Jonny Trunk and Jerry Dammers.
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