V/A – Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding

Subtitled 24 wedding songs from the golden age of Rhythm & and ’n’Roll it is exactly what it say on the tin and is the proverbial to the current wedding day excess.

“Wedding bells are ringing, birds are singing, children are playing, people are saying, this is our wedding day” seems perfect by Tiny Tim on this Wedding day marathon and whilst I don’t know how long Lamarr was given to select the tracks on this but he’d done a far better job than I could as all I can think of at the moment is Steely Dan’s ‘The Royal Scam’.
Not quite entering into the spirit of things but that one came out in 1976 and to be honest, there hasn’t exactly been a host of quality tunes dedicated to the institution of getting married in the past 40 years.
This wasn’t always the case as back in the 50s and 60s, ‘the big day’ was on the minds of teenagers all over and the recording studio bosses knew that means there’s a rich seem to dig. Mark Lamarr, fresh from his International Ska Festival DJ appearance last weekend, is best known for being more than a slick haired ex-Never Mind The Buzzcocks presenter and former Radio 2 DJ where he shows off his extensive know of vintage rhythm & blues and rock’n’roll.
It wasn’t only aspiring rocker’s that got thinking about going up the aisle and there’s some well known names here like the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Shuggie Otis’ dad, Johnny Otis with his Congregation.
The CD opens appropriately with snatches of the Wedding March with ‘Rock-A-Lucy’ and then there’s a bit of campanology with The Willows do-wop ‘Church Bells May Ring’. And then you’ll hear about the tale of Fannie Brown and ‘We’re Getting Married’ that are both just a bit of boogie woogie slappin’ R&B.
If you’re fan of LaVern Baker’s classic ‘Jim Dandy To The Rescue’ from 1957 (like Black Oak Arkansas) it’s good news that she found out that ‘Jim Dandy Got Married’ and it’s basically the same rockin’ track with different lyrics. And using the same formula, the Big Bopper begets the ‘Big Bopper’s Wedding’ bringing a bit of rockin’ rebellion to the affair.
Most well known in the sequel Buddy Holly song, ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ that’s here linked with Johnny Angel’s ‘Teenage Wedding’ by how cool would it have been to have Freddie Mitchell and his Orchestra playing the ‘Wedding March’ at today’s bash?
We haven’t seen much Rock’n’Roll round these parts since Jerry Lee Lewis’ Mean Old Man and Imelda May’s Love Tattoo (now there’s two extremes) and the two compilations, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’ A to Z: The Roots Of Rock’n’Roll and Keb Darge and Cut Chemist’s Lost & Found: Rockabilly & Jump Blues but you can’t help getting excited by proper 2-3 minutes of fantastic pop songs; especially the more obscure ones like ‘Caldonia’s Wedding Day’ (as that’s one hell of party), ‘Babalu’s Wedding Day’ and ‘(Hey Hey) All Is Well’.
Possibly the best way to celebrate the Royal Wedding is to eat the cake that is Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding and how close to perfect would have been ‘Rock And Roll Wedding’ by Hank Ballard & The Midnighters if the band hadn’t have changed their name from The Royals for fear of any confusion with The “5″ Royales?
Anyway, this is the latest of Fantastic Voyage’s imaginative compilations and well worth keeping an eye out for what they are up to for a real antidote to anything wedding related, four or otherwise.
Reviewed: V/A – Rockin’ Rollin’ Wedding (Fantastic Voyage) Cat No: FVCD084 Release date: 11th April 2011
1. The Four Scores – Rock-A-Little Lucy (2:09)
2. Big Bopper – Big Bopper’s Wedding (2:12)
3. The Willows – Church Bells May Ring (2:29)
4. Roy Brown & His Mighty, Mighty Men – Fannie Brown Got Married (2:23)
5. The Whispers – We’re Getting Married (2:31)
6. LaVern Baker – Jim Dandy Got Married (2:12)
7. Rudy Moore – Ring A Ling Dong (2:29)
8. Johnny Angel – Teen-Age Wedding (1:40)
9. Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue Got Married (2:08)
10. Jimmy Johnson – Lone Ranger Gonna Get Married (2:49)
11. Dean & Jean – We’re Gonna Get Married (2:03)
12. Wynonie Harris – Married Women – Stay Married (2:48)
13. Terry Noland – Come Marry Me (2:44)
14. Roy Brown – Caldonia’s Wedding Day (2:54)
15. The Midnighters – Rock And Roll Wedding (2:43)
16. Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra – Wedding March (2:27)
17. The Heartbeats – Wedding Bells (2:56)
18. The Eternals – Babalu’s Wedding Day (2:14)
19. Big Miller with The Five Pennies – All Is Well (2:45)
20. Johnny Otis’ Congregation with Little Esther, Mel Walker & Lee Graves – Wedding Boogie (2:59)
21. The Orchids – Newly Wed (3:03)
22. The Five Satins – To The Aisle (2:50)
23. Tiny Tim & The Hits – Wedding Bells (2:30)
24. The Quin-Tones – Down The Aisle Of Love (2:50)
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