Wara – Wara EP

Wara movimientos Wara   Wara EP

Here’s some hot underground from Town that’s been hiding in my bag and it’s just what you need to raise  spirits in the bleak mid-winter.

I must admit that this came out late last year so you’ll probably be aware that the usual FLY Global Music favourites like DJ Ritu (A World in London), Russ Jones (Hackney Globe Trotting), Rita Ray (BBC/SOAS Radio) and others in the know already love these lot.

The four track EP is the debut release on Cal Jader’s Movimientos Records that they say introduces us to “a new and highly original Latin-London sound” and it’s hard to disagree with them.

The opening track ‘Flesh and Bone’ proves the point (and was London’s Metro’s ‘Single of the Week’) as it features MC Murur rapping  on the immigration issues of the (every)day (“how can money travel but people can’t – you can pay pal” is delivered with feeling) and the vocals of Congolese-Argentinean Juanita Euka. With an urgent  fusion Afro-Cuban backing this is world music; London or otherwise.

‘Pretty Cliché’ throws in some ska and you can imagine that this is what  All-stars would be up to in 2012 if they formed in Hackney. And then ‘Caprichoso’ gets more into their Latin roots with a shake of Kid Creole and The Coconuts paprika (how cool is that?)

‘Ojos Que No Ven’ shows they can do mellow and sensitive in an acoustic setting but as Lubi Jovanovic has said, “Wara are young musical revolutionaries who simply ignore convention and bring together Latin funk, Cuban timba, underground hip hop, leftfield jazz, rumba, and dubstep…”

So if you enjoy the sounds of musicians with backgrounds from all over the world; , Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Ghana, Congo, and the UK, Wara are a band for you.  Expect lots more this year from the label and live gigs.

Reviewed: Wara – Wara EP (Movimientos Records) Cat. No. Mov001 Release date: September 2011
1 Flesh And Bone (4:53)

2 Pretty Cliché (5:12)
3 Caprichoso (4:59)
4 Ojos Que No Ven (3:35)