Buika at Union Chapel (Live Review)

image006 640x439 Buika at Union Chapel (Live Review)

The music tears through with such violence you cannot wrestle your eyes away from her for fear of missing the last precious moment of beauty before catastrophe strikes.

From the darkest depths to delicious, dizzy swirls in the clouds it is all almost too much. Her heart, lacking shibboleth or shade, leads her to confess her most personal fears and her being in love to a packed church. She defies the band one moment to let her sing more and the next she is curled like a fragile map in the arms of her pianist.
Sometimes it is , other times the overwrought of La Lupe. It has to be intense. Her famously breathy voice sometimes breaking free into clean tones or swerving in and out of tune without fear of contradiction. As she says, she’s in charge for this precious couple of hours.
Her new album is great but seeing her live you realise what you are missing. She is a wonder.
Buika’s new album La Noche Mas Larga is out 4 June 2013, released by Warner
Photo credit: Javi Rojo