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A Night in the Maghreb – Idir and Najat Aatabou at Lincoln Center

Idir, a musical superstar hailing from Algeria is credited as being one of forces behind the surge of urban ra?Ø music. Moroccan Chaabi singer Najat Aatabou has changed the face of Moroccan music with her powerful lyrics and compositions in both French and English. We caught up with both artists recently to speak about their trip to America

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Khaled – Liberte

The statement, “if you have to buy one Khaled album, make it 1984′s Hada Raykoum” is surely incontestable. It may well be that the same can now be said for the next best thing to that North African classic

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Khaled: Rebel of Raï – The Early Years

dj Aicha tells us about her passion for the music of Khaled and how it literally turned her world around. A quarter of a century later and she has just compiled a double CD of Khaled’s early years…

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V/A – 1970′s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground

There are few musicians around more polished than Khaled but if you have ever wanted to peel away the sophistication and the years to reveal the raw, young heart of north African rock and roll, this is your moment

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Tinariwen – The Camel’s Back

Tinariwen are one of only two bands to have their own Minister of Propaganda. Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav is now better known for his MTV show where very driven young ladies battle to win his attention. In contrast, the rather more earnest Issa Dicko is
concerned with the survival of the Tamasheq (Tuareg) people. Tinariwen is more of a popular movement than a band

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Seu Jorge – Carolina

Currently on his UK tour promoting, just enough time to check out his pre-Cru album

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Rachid Taha – Diwan 2

Diwân 2 sees Rachid Taha reclaiming the older tunes of his childhood –but not without occasional touches of his angry punk persona surfacing just in time to avoid nostalgia

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Maurice el Medioni – Bringing It All Back Home

The events of 1492 are surprisingly present for Maurice el Médioni. Up until his mother’s generation, the family still spoke the languages of El Andalus (Arabic and Spanish) in their home in Algeria. Some part of Maurice el Médioni was left behind in Spain when the Jews were expelled, just as 460 years later, he would leave something of himself behind in Algeria.

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African Soul Rebels II – The Dome, Brighton, February 21 ’06

The audience bounded out into the torrential rain on a freezing Brighton night warmed by the Malian sunshine from the country’s two most unlikely musical superstars Amadou and Mariam. Their joyous set of songs ended an evening full of poignancy, humanity and, above all, great music

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Akim el Sikameya – Maghreb Mixology

Akim el Sikameya charts the same exciting waters as Radio Tarifa and all those interested in the musical links that crisscross the Mediterranean and wind back and forth from the orient to the occident. He does so, however, from the south looking north

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Khaled – Ya-Rayi

In the DVD which accompanies his latest release, ‘King of Raï’ Khaled compares the production of an album to both a fable and a country. If this album is a fable, the moral of the story is that we all live happily ever after. If this album is a country, get me a passport.

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V/A – Oxfam Arabia

The packaging of this compilation, produced by World Music Network for Oxfam, spookily reminiscent of a guide book, gives a clue as to the contents – a scrupulously comprehensive geographical survey of Arabic music, which takes in the major traditional and contemporary currents from Morocco to Iraq.

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