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Crewdson – Gravity

gravity coverlarge3 Crewdson – Gravity

 “Yeah, that’s nicely different from Crewdson, ‘Electric Wing’ [on] an album to watch out for called Gravity” Gilles Peterson, Radio 1. With Gilles Peterson’s seal of approval (not only that, Mrs Hectic thought it was the best track that he played on his show last week), it is all looking good for the debut release from Crewdson. Continue reading Crewdson – Gravity

2econd Class Citizen – Step Inside Remixes

Following on from the ‘One By One’ EP but before the release of 2econd Class Citizen’s new album Madrugada, here’s a 5-track remix 12″ of ‘Step Inside’.

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Koushik – Out My Window

If the name Koushik sounds familiar, it’s because he’s infrequently been turning up on compliations on Stones Throw for years but the long awaited for proper album is nearly over, Out My Window drops September 29th!

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Jef Gilson Avec Lloyd Miller & Hal Singer – ‘Free Spirits’

As kids say today (endlessly), Oh My God! Rarely is this truly deserved of 10 inches of plastic but in the case of this re-issue on Kindred Spirits, OMG needs to be in capitals

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Steve Reid Ensemble – Daxaar

Fela managed it and Mulatu too, now Steve Reid unites jazz with Africa.

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Four Tet – Remixes

This double CD is an excellent introduction to the world of Four Tet and his remix work

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Archie Bronson Outfit – ‘Dead Funny’ (Remixes)

Domino are really getting behind ‘Dead Funny’ and, anyone who saw them at Bestival will know why

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Lost Idol – Utters from a Cluttered Mind

From Cookshop records comes the debut album from Lost Idol, a powerful collection of psychedelic cinematic pop and late night electronics. Described as ‘classic Beck remixed by DJ Shadow’ and ‘Beta Band style alt rock’ this album is a rich amalgamation of new and old musics, instrumental and vocal and takes as much influence from Brian Wilson and John Coltrane as it does from Beck and Four Tet

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Adem – Launch Yourself (The Remixes)

Domino Records did themselves a big favour when they signed up Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) and his remix of ‘Launch Yourself’.

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V/A – Get Lost (Damian Lazarus and Matthew Styles)

Lazarus and Styles run Crosstown Rebel Records and this is a great introduction to their world of “cutting edge, underground electronic dance music” — even if it is a little scary.

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Anne Wirz – ‘Guerriere’ (Four Tet Remixes)

Heavenly Sweetness boss Antoine Rajon’s dream continues with the release of the second 12″, which is something of a hybrid

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Thunderbird Service / Anne Wirz – ‘Spirit Jazz’ EP

As interest in spiritual jazz is as strong as ever, what an inspired choice Heavenly Sweetness have made for their debut 12″ release.

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Cibelle – About A Girl

Brazilian female singers signed to Ziriguiboom will automatically be compared with Bebel Gilberto. Especially when Paolista (São Pauloan) Cibelle Cavalli sings in her native tongue, but lets not.

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Four Tet – ‘A Joy’

Domino Records is the home of the ‘new Fab Four’ (Franz Ferdinand) at one extreme and nu-punk-funkers, Test Icicles at the other. Four Tet fits happily in-between.

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