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V/A – Psychedelic Pernambuco

MRBCD074 V/A   Psychedelic Pernambuco

I don’t know what The Gentlemen were on when they recorded ‘Sorriso Selbagem’ but whatever it was, we all need some more of this Psychedelic Pernambuco from Recife in the north east of Brazil.
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Hollie Cook – Hollie Cook

61TMg6rlpQL. SL500 AA300  Hollie Cook   Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook

It may be 30 years since Bob Marley passed away but reggae’s pop flame is still going strong and Hollie Cook is a hot name for the summer.

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Prince Fatty – Survival Of The Fattest

His Royal Highness, Prince Fatty of the Fish Market and master at the Mansion of Inventions brings you a lession in obesity with a reggae rich calorie intake on the mighty debut album, Survival Of The Fattest

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