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Roland Appel – Inner Soul

Last years’ equivalent of ‘Rej’ on Sonar Kollektiv was Roland Appel’s ‘Dark Soldier’. A year on, can his latest 12″ be as good?

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V/A – 4Hero …Mixing

Well, it’s half of 4hero, as this album is compiled and mixed by Dego as part of Sonar Kollektiv’s …Mixing series. What more of a recommendation could you possibly need?

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The Superimposers – Harpsichord Treacle

London-based duo Dan Warden and Miles Copeland launch the brand new label of Wonderfulsound with their latest album, Harpsichord Treacle

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V/A – Beats, Bites & Oxle (Rainer Truby & Jazzanova)

The king of Root Down, Rainer Tr?ºby invites us to the jazz room table for song food, wine and song in his Freiburg castle.

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V/A – Nueva Vision

If you’re new to the Nueva Vision or an old hand of the Afro-Cuban rhythms, here’s a fantastic compilation full of tunes for the dancers in all our souls

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Arthur Verocai – Encore

When it comes to handing out compliments, Arthur Verocai deservedly gets some big ones. Find out why on this new album

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V/A – Bottletop – Sound Affects: Brazil

To put it simply Sound Affects: Brazil is a good idea for a good cause and contains some mighty fine music as well

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V/A – Trickski Presents Members Of The Trick

No Russian oligarchy involved in this one as Yannick Labb?© and Daniel Becker bring their Trickski 12″ magic to this CD compilation.

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V/A – Sonar Kollektiv: Ten Years, Who Cares?

It’s your 10th birthday so chances are they’ll be a party, cake and jelly. If you’re Sonar Kollektiv, you celebrate with a carefully compiled 31 tracks of their best bits

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Wahoo – Take It Personal

By the time this album comes out, ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ will be on the scorecard as one of the tracks of the year and the album is all set to shine, WAHOO!

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V/A – Kindred Spirit – Witness Future Vintage Vol. 2

The latest from the Dutch version of Plug Research/Stones Throw Records brings together 15 tracks that touch the future with the sound of the past

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Wahoo – ‘I’m Your Lover’

Lily Allen watch out girl, as you’re not going to believe this, Wahoo have gone all ska and have the big summer bounce tune

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Pressure Drop – ‘You’re Mine’ (Roots Edition)

The third in the Great Stuff Roots releases finds that they’ve dug out a track by much under-rated band, Pressure Drop

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Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – Joystone

Scandinavian jazz and funk harmonises with African percussion, bringing a marvellous fusion of assorted vintage and contemporary elements.

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V/A – Romanian Jazz

I have to admit balking somewhat at the thought of Romanian Jazz. I mean, have you heard of any decent jazz to come out of Romania? Did you know Romania did jazz? Folk maybe?

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