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Mr Beatnick featuring Ahu – I Know All The Bitches

Don’t get confused, this isn’t a Snoop Doggy Dog appreciation as it’s out of the Altered Vibes kennel of off-beat sounds; so hard, it’s pulling at the lead to get played.

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Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Sahara Swing

Now-Again have done the impossible, they’ve hit on a combination that can challenge their own Heliocentrics and Mulatu Astatke as they put the Sun Ra and James Brown in the Sahara

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Karen P …. Broadcasting Worldwide

Karen Pearson, better known as Karen P, has just compiled the latest episode of …Broadcasting for Sonar Kollektiv so it was a great time to catch up with the Radio “Oscar” winner to find out why she’s so hectic at the moment.

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Finn Peters – Butterflies

I wonder if Finn Peters’ butterflies are in his stomach due to the “difficult” second album syndrome; he need not worry says Gerry Hectic

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Jackson Conti – Sujinho

Students at the FLY academy will immediately recognise Jackson Conti as the combined talents of Otis Jackson, Jr (aka Madlib) and Ivan (Mam?£o) Conti (he of Azymuth); lets face it, that makes Sujinho indispensible in itself.

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The Ipanemas – Call Of The Gods

The gift of the samba is an answer to a calling from the gods of rhythm. Or to put it another way, The Ipanemas are at it again with their new album on Far Out Recordings.

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Va Fan Fahre – Zet Je Maar

Flemish Belgium brass band Va Fan Fahre’s second album is not your usual Balkan fare, but takes the genre to many unexpected corners of the musical world

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BiggaBush – Sound Sensation

BiggaBush is back in the mix big time with as diverse a set as you’re ever likely to hear

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V/A – Broken Flowers (Soundtrack)

The soundtrack to the new Jim Jarmusch film is a heady cocktail of rock, opera (but no rock opera thankfully) and ethio-jazz courtesy of Mulatu Astatke

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Treva Whateva – Music’s Made of Memories

Best mate of fellow Ninja Tune, Mr. Scruff, Treva Whateva finally releases his first full length CD

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V/A – Afrobeat Sessions

An astonishingly broad array of artists deriving deep inspiration from Afrobeat make the first of these CDs constantly surprising, while the second disc goes back to the source.

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