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Ikebe Shakedown – Ikebe Shakedown

URCD2922 Ikebe Shakedown   Ikebe Shakedown

Ikebe Shakedown is the self-titled album is one to shakedown your boogie on the dancefloor for another impressive debut album on Ubiquity Records.

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Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – World Of Funk

Shawn Lee is a regular on FLY and his latest album opens the doors on his multi-national genre fusing World Of Funk – a “Music Master” indeed!

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Zero dB – One Offs, Remixes And B-Sides

First off, don’t let the title of this 2CD compilation put you off as the 23 tracks are not in any way second rate – this is Zero dB after all!

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Breakestra – Dusk Till Dawn

You will know that Breakestra is the L.A. funk band “orchestra” that have been blowing up for over 10 years and their latest release is their debut album for the fantastic label Strut; and these guys will funk up from Dusk Till Dawn.

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John Arnold & Jeremy Ellis – Nightlife

This is such an all-winner! It’s been a “go to” track since this time last year with plays on Gilles Peterson’s Radio 1 so it’s definitely about time we had some nightlife!

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Nino Moschella – Boom Shadow

When you’d mention “Boomshadow” in the circle of Nino Moschella and his friends it was an in-joke for a fictional super hero to come and save anybody from whatever the problem was; and if you’re problem is a lack of proper funk and soul, his sophmore album Boom Shadow is here to save you.

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Emanative – Space

Now, when I bumped into Gilles Peterson last week (prepare yourselves for his new haircut), I suggested the winner of album of the year. Like the old sage he is he replied, “We’ll see”. Now, was he thinking of Raphael Saadiq’s album that he was raving about last week? Well, I’m now thinking it’s another one of his favourite artists, Emanative’s debut Space!

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V/A – Lion Head Compilation Volume One

Sub-titled “Collected selections and produced by Glyn Bigga Bush”, that’s a “must have” in our book and not only that, it features some previously unreleased tracks!

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Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu – 4th Dimension

Multi-instrumentalist Tenor and his buddies from Finland join up with Afro-Berliners Kabu Kabu with obvious resuls, a magical world of Afro-Ra from the 4th Dimension that’s on a different level of “must have”.

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Roy Ayers – Ubiquity [Originals]

“One of us could be somewhere. Some of us could be elsewhere. All of us could be everywhere. UBIQUITY is being somewhere, elsewhere and everywhere – always”, can you dig it?

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Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Clutch Of The Tiger

The collaboration of a couple of maverick multi-instrumentalist is bound to produce something special and Clutch Of The Tiger is certainly that.

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V/A – Under The Sun (Movie Soundtrack)

Filmaker Cyrus Sutton joined forces with the mighty Ubiquity Records to make a documentary about surfing. Obviously, such a project needs a soundtrack and who better to pick than their very own Shawn Lee and a trio of Ozzies, Band Of Frequencies, Low Pressure Sound System and Afto Dizzi Act.

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V/A – Secret Love 5

Now the thing is, if you’re on the fifth version of a secret love, can it really be that secret? I wouldn’t have thought so, but this series, compiled by Jazzanova keeps on unearthing some underground musical sweethearts.

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Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Miles Of Styles

Shawn Lee’s success as a musician has taken him all over the planet and in an effort to reduce his carbon footprint, he’s been hard at work in his studio to bring us 21 tracks that cover miles of different styles; ideal for global music appreciation.

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Orgone – The Killion Floor

Orgone first burst onto the scene with their floor filling cover version of ‘Funky Nassau’ on the Ubiquity Records compilation Rewind Vol. 4. Having built up an impressive live reputation they now release their debut album The Killion Floor. It’s definitely funky, but does it add to the sounds it so faithfully references?

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